And I cant stop smiling …

Yesterday I went to pick Cheebu from her daycare. She went running to collect her shoes, school bag, bottle etc as soon as she saw me outside her section. As we were preparing to leave, her friend who was busy playing all this time comes running to her “Wait Cheebu, Kissie deni thi” and kisses her on both cheeks and disappears as quickly as she appeared. Cheebu looks up at me with a big smile “Wo meri friend hai (she is my friend)” and I can’t stop smiling :).

As we come out of the daycare Cheebu insisted that she wanted to go to the Jhoolas. I reluctantly agreed. Normally I am in a hurry to get home after collecting her from daycare as otherwise I may miss my cooking maid who comes in the evening. But for a change I agreed. She ran away and joined few friends who were already there. As I watched her play sitting at a distance, another 4 year old came out. Now I have hardly interacted with him. Recognizing me as Cheebu’s mother, he came to me and shook hands with me without any hesitation and says “Hello aunty”. I was amazed 🙂 and I say “Happy New Year” to which he replies “Happy New Year” and runs away 🙂 … and I can’t stop smiling 🙂

I see a 2 and half year old come out running with a big bag while her dad is struggling with her other things after her. “Wait beta kahan jaa rahe ho?(Wait beta, where are you going?” “Khelne jaa rahi hoon(going to play)” she shouts back. “Akele jaa rahe ho (going alone)? Wait for me!” “Par kyoon rukun main aapke liye? Bataao!(But why should I wait for you? Tell me!)” and she runs away into the garden leaving him. I can’t stop smiling at her confidence and neither can her dad :).

Another mother comes out with her 2 year old who immediately runs away into the play area before her mother could stop her. The mother looks up at me with all her bags “Now it will be impossible to get her out from here” and I can’t stop smiling …

And then I realize I must get into the play area to get Cheebu out too as it is getting late. But I can’t stop smiling 🙂


6 thoughts on “And I cant stop smiling …

    • A few silent minutes watching the children coming out with their parents from the daycare is sure to bring a smile on my face. And yes, children are the bestest thing to happen to us parents 🙂

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