Gaajar ka Halwa

As a child I loved eating Gaajar ka Halwa. It was my favorite dish. My mom and dad used to joke that one day they would give me only Gaajar ka Halwa for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sadly that never happened 😦

I remember how we would wait for the fresh red carrots of the season to arrive and then the whole family would get busy in making the Halwa. Mom would prepare the khoya in advance at home. Then dad and I would grate the carrots and wait as the grated carrots cooked slowly in the milk over a low flame. Later mom would garnish it with homemade khoya and dry fruits. That aroma of gaajar ka halwa on a cold winter day still makes my mouth water. Moms gaajar ka halwa was the best. It was rich and I like it that way. Who cares about calories. After all it is a dessert and it has to be rich πŸ™‚

I make gaajar ka halwa at home now. Sadly though not as many times as I would have liked it. Cheebu is not very fond of it but hubby loves it

But my dream of eating Gaajar ka Halwa for breakfast, lunch and dinner still remains a dream.


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