About Cheebu – random

Just listing some random things about Cheebu here

She loves drawing, singing, dancing… We got her a synthesizer few months back and taught her Sa Re Ga Ma … which she learnt in no time. Seeing her inclination towards music, I even talked to a music teacher for enrolling Cheebu in music classes. But apparently she is too small according to the teacher so I decided to wait for sometime. About her dancing the lesser I say, the better. She is dancing all the time. And when I say all the time I mean it and it can get quite irritating sometimes … try putting on clothes on a 4 year old who is dancing all the time or try feeding her. I keep telling hubby that she has springs attached on her feet because I rarely see her walking. It is hopping and jumping all the time.

Mornings are the laziest part of her day. Firstly, it takes at least half an hour of shouting by hubby and me to wake her up. Once out of the bed, before we can send her to the bathroom for susu she runs to the drawing room to catch some more sleep. Finally after lot of fighting when she does take the chair and reach the washbasin to brush her teeth .. only to sleep on the chair for a few more minutes till I threaten her with what not. And this happens every morning every single day.

She loves watching cartoons, animated stuff… Her favorites are Tom & Jerry, Chhota Bheem and more recently Doramon (which I somehow hate). Her favorite animated movie is Ice Age 3 – The dawn of the dinosaurs. She can watch it continuously in a loop any number of times. We do try to limit her TV time to almost nil during weekdays but on weekends we have to give in to her demands.

She has lots of friends. There have been times when there are upto 5-6 kids in our home to play with her. Most evenings and on weekends some or the other of her friend will be at our house for playing with her. These include our neighbors or her daycare friends. She is quite social for unsocial parents like us 🙂

She can read my face at once. If she sees that I am disturbed, immediately her cross questioning starts

Mumma, gussa ho?

Me: No

khush ho?

Me: No

Pareshaan ho? Kya hua? … and so on till she gets a satisfactory answer

And if I am not feeling well she comes to me with a kiss “Dekho maine aaapko paari ki na, ab aap theek ho jaaoge (See I gave you a kiss, now you will be ok)” 🙂 and next day without fail she will ask me “Mumma, tabiyat theek hai ab? (Mumma, are you feeling ok now?)”

Daddy daughter duo can make stories out of anything. One day I was making Poha. She pulled a chair and came to help. I put the jeera and rye into the heated oil and they start sputtering. “See mumma, the jeera and rye are fighting. Come on put the onions quickly”. Amused I put in the chopped onions and the sputtering stopped. “Dekho pyaaz ne unko jaakar samjhaaya ki ladaai mat karo. Ab unka jhagda band ho gaya (See the onion told them not to fight and they stopped fighting)” 🙂 I know who made those stories 🙂

She has quite an imagination. One day she saw a movie on TV about mermaids. The next day she comes to me with her dolls, their legs covered with her socks “Mumma, see these are mermaids” 🙂

There was this ad in the newspaper recently of a man with knives, forks, spoons and all such metallic objects sticking on his body. Cheebu was observing it very carefully and then she asks me “Mumma, why are these objects sticking to uncle’s body? Did uncle eat a magnet?” Good observation 🙂



8 thoughts on “About Cheebu – random

  1. I totally know what you mean by dancing all the time…my 1 year young lady dances at anything kind of sound you see-while eating,sitting,lying down whatever!!!! so I can imagine your state with a 4 year young dancer 🙂

    aww @ maine aapko paari kari…..she is super duper cute re!

    rye-jeera pyaz story is imaginative 🙂 I made a mental note for future reference 😉

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