Thought I should post a few weekend stories here so that I could come back and read some years later. Weekends at our home are generally lazy. Saturday morning we got up lazily at 8. Hubby had to go to work, so quickly made breakfast of palak parathas for him and poha for Cheebu and me. I get bored of eating parathas on weekdays so prefer something else on weekends though of course if you have to go to work parathas are more filling. Cheebu sat down for her breakfast after hubby left for office while I set about cleaning the kitchen. My kitchen has been invaded with an army of cockroaches and I was determined to get rid of them that day. I was busy with my cleaning and shouting at Cheebu at the same time to finish her breakfast. She took more than an hour to eat 10 spoonfuls oh poha and and even then I found most of it on the table and on the floor 😦 I was so angry and sent her off for bath while I did the additional cleaning of all the mess she had created. After half an hour of bathing playing in the bathroom she says

Mumma, aapka gussa chala gaya kya?

Me: Nahi!

Sorry bolne se chala jaayega kya?

Me: Aap aise gande kaam karte ho. Nahi jaayega!

Sorry mumma ab nahi karungi. Ab to aapka gussa chala gaya na? 🙂

So after all the cleaning, bathing – hers and mine, we went to the dispensary to get an appointment for her next vaccination. On our way back we picked some leaves of various sizes for some activity that she had planned to do with me. Back home, we had our lunch – dal, rice, sabzi and palak paratha. I then let her watch some TV while I read/rested for  a while. I have given up on trying to make her sleep in the afternoons on weekends because she doesn’t want to. We then went down to buy fruits and vegetables. Hubby came back by then. He had lunch while Cheebu and I did some leaf paintings. After tea we went to buy groceries, visited the temple on the way and came back. We had brought idli batter, so dinner was simple idli-chutney/sauce. After dinner I decided to bake a cake after many years. Neither Hubby nor Cheebu are very fond of cakes, so I hadn’t baked in years. But a recent blog post on Chocolate cake by MyEra made me interested in baking again. I had bought a microwave with convection cooking which was lying unused all these years. I thought the only way to make Cheebu interested in the cake would be to get her involved in making it. So while hubby read the instructions on how to operate the oven (we have been using only the microwave part all these years), Cheebu and I prepared the batter. She was so excited that she even called her friend A (our neighbour) to show how she was making a cake with mumma :). The cake was nothing short of a disaster but nevertheless eaten with great praises on how delicious it was by Cheebu and A the next morning 🙂 That has encouraged me to try my next baking experiment soon.

Sunday morning, again woke up late and after breakfast of bread and fried idlis (leftover from the previous night) decided to visit Siddhivinayak and Mahalakshmi temple. We decided to go by public transport as finding a parking place at these places is impossible. Also, Cheebu hadn’t traveled  by public transport for a long time, so she was excited. We took an auto to the bus depot and took a bus to Siddhivinayak. Cheebu quite enjoyed her bus ride. Also it was the first time that she traveled with a ticket (Half ticket 🙂 ). Had simple lunch of masala dosa, pav bhaji and sabudana wada at a place near the temple and then proceeded for darshan. Being a Sunday afternoon, it was very crowded and there was  a huge queue. We decided to take a shortcut … paid entry queue was shorter and managed to reach in somehow. There was a place where 2 queues were merging and there was lot of pushing. Cheebu was between hubby and me and there was another family with a child of Cheebu’s age in the other queue. We allowed them to get before us as any way the queues were merging. But then a lady behind me started pushing so violently that the other child began to cry. I looked down, and from the height of the children it is really alarming. Imagine being surrounded be people double your height on all sides and being pushed so badly. Both Hubby and I told the lady politely that please don’t push, there are children here. To which she rudely replied that if you have children, you should have remained behind. I was shocked. How could a lady and that too an elderly one be so insensitive. Anyway, after that I gave the offering basket to hubby and asked him to go ahead while I took charge of Cheebu to protect her from the crowd. We did darshan from a distance and then went to see the Mooshaks. Cheebu was excited to see them and enjoyed the whole concept of whispering in their ears :).

We then took a taxi and proceeded to Mahalakshmi temple. The situation was pretty much similar here except that there were separate queues for men and women. That meant I had to manage the offerings and Cheebu both by myself. What shocked me is that women are more insensitive to small children. They are so desperate to get their darshans that they do not mind even pushing small children in the process :(. We somehow managed a darshan and came out. Phew! Behind the temple there is a wall on which people try to stick coins. Some stick others do not. We gave a coin to Cheebu to try. It stuck! After that she wanted more and more coins to stick. It was a game for her and well we did indulge her a bit. It was fun watching her excitement as most of her coins did stick. Mine usually never stick 😦 After that we took a taxi to a nearby local station to take a local train back home. The journey back was nothing short of a nightmare. Being a weekend, we did not think that it would be crowded. I boarded the ladies compartment with Cheebu and as it was the starting station we got comfortable window seats. But in no time the train was super crowded … yes so crowded that at some stations people could not get in. I started panicking how am I going to get down at my station with Cheebu 😦 Cheebu who is used to only long distance trains where there are as many people as the seats, was amazed to see so many people. To add to the confusion so many women were actually fighting. There was a nasty fight in the compartment which started with words and finally ended up with blows before others intervened. There was a family of women who started beating up another woman. One of the woman who was beating this woman had a small baby in her hand who was wailing uncontrollably. But instead of soothing the baby she was busy in beating up the other woman. It was disgusting. Finally 2 stations before my station we got up and it was nothing short of a miracle that we manged to get down in one piece amongst all the pushing and fighting. After that I vowed never to board a local train with Cheebu again. It just isn’t safe … alone it is ok but with a small child it is very risky. I have travelled with her before but this was by far the worst experience.

But I must say this for Cheebu. In this whole experience she was very sporting. She co operated with me fully and enjoyed the whole experience 🙂 Never did she cry or complain.  Back home, we had tea, Cheebu played fought with A over the modaks that we had brought  for prasad. She also got invitations to attend 2 b’day parties from our neighbours and both of them are today one at 6, the other at 7. I don’t know how I am going to manage because the earliest I reach home is 6:30. Anyways, she is quite excited and is going to tell all her friends at daycare that she has to go to 2 b’days today 🙂

After a dinner of roti, dal, sabzi and chutney we went to bed. So that was our weekend … How was yours?


7 thoughts on “Weekend

  1. That’s plenty of action packed in a weekend 😀
    I love leaf paintings, they turn out very nice 🙂 ….I am glad you have started baking again, whatever is a disaster for us is always a treat for kids 😀
    Hugs to chweet Cheebu for being such a darling 😀

    • Yes, this weekend was quite action packed 🙂
      It was Cheebu’s idea to do leaf painting. She had done something like that at her daycare 🙂
      Even I am glad to have started baking again 🙂 If it wasn’t for the kids reactions I would have been discouraged 🙂 but I hope to bake more with Cheebu now 🙂
      Hugs back from Cheebu to you and pari 😀

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