Week and weekend stories

Last Monday Cheebu was invited to two birthday parties. Thankfully both of them were our neighbors and so on the same floor. We reached home at 6:30 pm, got her dressed and sent her to the first party. I requested my neighbor to send Cheebu back soon as she had to attend the other party also. After the cake cutting Cheebu went to the second party while the kind lady packed and sent her dinner home to us. She had packed so much that I didn’t have to cook that day. Hubby and I feasted on home made pav-bhaji while Cheebu had her dinner of puri-sabji at the second party 🙂 She was back by 8:30 … so we could even go for our evening walk that day 🙂

I tried baking a cake again, this time with better results. I made an egg less strawberry cake. It is still not perfect but I hope to improve 🙂

On Saturday we went to an exhibition at Vashi organised by Indian Women Scientist Association on teaching aids for young children. The volunteers there were very friendly and welcoming and Cheebu had a good time trying several activities like beading, finger printing … I also bought a few story books in hindi for her.

Hubby had some work, so he dropped us at the mall where Cheebu and I had our lunch. I ordered a thali as she wanted to have dal-chaawal. After lunch I took her to the play area. She had a great time jumping in the balls, sliding, climbing, … while I watched her play. She even made friends with a girl her age inside and the two of them did everything together. We then went to Landmark where I picked up a couple of books for myself for the vacation ahead :). Hubby picked us up and we came back home  and got Cheebu dressed in her school uniform for her prep day function. Evening was spent at her school where all the Pre-prep and prep children got prizes. There were some performances from the prep children as well. Cheebu was excited to be with her friends. She got two books, a biscuit packet and chocolate as prize. All in all a great evening 🙂

Sunday was spent lazing around at home. We played with her blocks and this is what we made – a garden with swing, slide, see-saw …


15 thoughts on “Week and weekend stories

  1. That’s good Cheebu could attend both parties for I remember you worrying if you’ll be able to make it to home on time to dress her up on time 😀
    Wow Strawberry cake sounds and looks pretty good 🙂
    I like the way the blocks garden has those little benches and the slide has a child climbing too…gives it a real park feel 😀

    • Yes, Cheebu managed to attend both parties 🙂 I am glad
      Strawberry cake was ok … but I am learning 🙂 Recently I made a vanilla cake in cooker and that turned out really well 🙂
      We had lots of fun making that blocks garden. Glad you like it 🙂

    • I am learning to bake, GB. I used to bake in the pressure cooker, not very familiar with baking in the oven … trying… 🙂
      Glad you liked the garden 🙂

  2. Sonds like the perfect weekend.

    I am so scared of baking. I want to give it a try but can’t get over my fear 😐 Love the cake you have here 🙂

  3. Cheebu must have had the greatest time – back to back parties – and she made it to both 🙂

    You have lovely neighbours 🙂

    And that cake – it looks yum! Please can you share the recipe for the strawberry cake? I have loads of strawberries sitting here.

  4. OMG the cake looks awesome and you say it’s still not perfect? are you kidding me? 🙂

    the blocks garden and swings and the doll all looks so cozy and happy 🙂

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