Paper Quilling

Ever since I discovered paper quilling, I have been planning to try it out. I have been researching it on the net, admiring the beautiful patterns that you can make with it. Some time back I visited an exhibition where I saw handmade paper quilled cards. They were beautiful. Seeing it actually with my eyes made me desperate to try it out. The same day I walked into Hobby Ideas and bought a quilling tool and quilling strips. That night, as I tried it after putting Cheebu to bed, I realized that it is very time consuming and needs lots of patience.  After that, I got time to try it out only when I was on vacation at my parents place recently. Here is my first attempt at paper quilling. I am happy with the way it turned out.

I used a quilling tool to make it. But to start with you can even use a toothpick or a needle. It is a wonderful art and I am addicted to it 🙂 Hubby is amused when he sees me keeping up late in the night “rolling paper strips” as he calls it :). But the end result is worth the effort put in. Will post pictures of more projects as I am able to complete them.


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