I guess there is a time in every mom’s life when she has to face this situation. Today it was mine.

We are back home in the evening and Cheebu is having her bath. As I am drying her with the towel after her bath

Cheebu *pointing to her navel* : Mumma, ye kya hai? (Mumma, what is this?)

Me: *dreading what this is going to lead to* : Beta, ye belly button hai. (Beta, this is belly button)

Cheebu: Ye kisliye hota hai? (What is this for?)

Me *Wondering what to say* : Jub babies mumma ke tummy me hote hain to unke teeth nahi hote, khana nahin kha sakte. Babies ke belly button se ek tube lagi hoti hai mumma ke tummy me jisse unko khana milta hai. (When babies are inside mumma’s tummy they do not have teeth, they cannot eat. So there is a tube from their belly buttons to mumma’s tummy from which they get their food)

Cheebu: To belly button sabke tummy me kyon hota hai? (Why does everyone have a belly button)

Me: Kyonki sab log jab babies hote hain apne mumma ke tummy me hote hain (Because everyone when they are babies are in their mumma’s tummy)

Cheebu: Aur babies mumma ke tummy me kaise chale jaate hain? (And how do babies get into mumma’s tummies?)

Me: ??

Cheebu Putting her palms up in giving blessing posture(the effect of watching mythological cartoons): Bhagwanji aise Ashirwaad dete hain aur babies mumma ke tummy me aa jaate hain? (God blesses with his hands and babies get into mumma’s tummy?)**

Me *Heaving a sigh of relief* : Haan haan Aisa hi hota hai. (Yes,yes it happens like this only)

Cheebu: Main jab aapke tummy me thi to aapka pet bhara rehta tha?(When I was in your tummy, was your tummy always full?)

Me: ?? Haan, bhara rehta tha  (Yes it was always full) 😀

While I am relieved that she was satisfied this time with my answering (or not having to answer 🙂 ), I wonder for how long?

** I have told her in the past that God puts babies in mumma’s tummy


13 thoughts on “Questions

    • Haha read your story Ani 🙂 You gave her a good explanation … injection and all … lol 🙂
      Adi is going to have a good time reading that when she grows up 🙂
      True, we are the poor mummies 🙂

  1. Haha.. I think what you did is just fine. Infact I read that when kids come up with such questions, it’s always best to ask them what they think first.

    ‘To belly button sabke tummy me kyon hota hai?’ – that was an intelligent question from Cheebu! Mmmuahs to her

    • I like that idea “when kids come up with such questions, it’s always best to ask them what they think first.”
      Thankfully this time she came up with her own answer before I could say anything. 🙂

  2. hehehhe hugs dear..i guesss this is just the start.Little cheebu would be having lot many question for you..All the best.Keep us updated 🙂

  3. hahaha @ the ashirwad pose 🙂 Cheebu is cute!

    and yeah every mom has her time,tough question answer time and I know mine is going to be around too,sigh! thanks for you senior mommy bloggers that I get an idea of types of questions to expect and the answers to mentally be prepared of 🙂

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