Second year

Yes, Cheebu started with her second year of schooling today. School reopened today and she is now a prep student promoted from pre-prep :). My little girl is growing up. Just one year back I left her at school in her new uniform with new school bag and waterbottle full of excitement for a new chapter in her life. There were no tears unlike me who had screamed and cried all the way to the school as a child on her first day. She was just happy 🙂 But that is probably because she is already used to staying away from home in her daycare and all her friends from the daycare were also going to school with her. Looking back the first year at school has been quite good. She loves her teacher and her teacher is happy with her. The first year was quite relaxed with not too much stress on academics and exams. There were only some assessments on drawing, clay moulding, singing rhymes, fancy dress etc.  in which we were happy to see that she did quite well. She was one of the students who scored a gold star in all of them. Another highlight was that she managed to be selected from her school for the inter school drawing competition. There were 20 children selected from her school out of which 18 were from prep and  only 2 from pre prep and she was one of them. It was certainly one of our proudest moments as parents 🙂 . She was taught to write the capital english alphabets and numbers from 1 to 5 (though I believe she can write upto 20 or more). As I said not much stress on academics and I am glad of it that there is not too much pressure on the children at this age. Let them have fun and enjoy at this age rather than being worried about exams which they anyway have to do later. She went for her first ever school picnic with friends and had a great time. She also got homework in the last few months of the year which I was pleased to see that she did sincerely on her own. Thats because she loves her teacher so much that she can’t bear not doing anything asked by her 🙂

Having said that there were some difficult moments too when she would tell me that she cried at school because she was missing me. I could not believe it because she didn’t cry while going to school or at daycare then how come she would miss me suddenly at school. On further questioning I found out that she cried on days when her best friend from her daycare didn’t come to class. She was also not willing to mingle much with other children who were not from her daycare. I spoke to her teacher and she confirmed that Cheebu was a little insecure when her friend didn’t come to class. But she also told me not to worry much about it because after all she is still very young and she will come out of it. Gradually her teacher made her sit with other children from her daycare first and then with the other children and now she is very comfortable in class. I must thank her teacher for this 🙂 .

This year it is the same old uniform, school bag, classroom, teacher, students… only that she is no longer the youngest in the school 🙂 She has been telling her friend A who is our neighbour and starts pre prep next week that how she is a big girl from prep and he is a small boy who will go to pre prep 🙂 . School is now in the morning from 8:00 am, so we have to drop her to school unlike in pre prep when the school was at 11:00 am and she went from daycare. That means getting up early in the morning and leaving home 2 hours early for her  and I will have to really rush up with my morning tasks of making and packing her breakfast, lunch, milk and snack boxes for both school and daycare and also getting her ready.

Here’s hoping and wishing that the second year is as happy (and more) as the first one and makes great memories of her school life.


7 thoughts on “Second year

  1. A big congrats to cheebu for being promoted to next class and for the drawing competion…Here’s me wishing cheebu and her parents many more proud moments in life 🙂

  2. Congratulations to Cheebu and her parents on her promotion to next class 😀
    Loved knowing she’s had quite an exciting year in pre-prep and is super-excited on her promotion 🙂
    Here’s sending loads of love and good wishes for her in the new academic year.

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