The fun weekend

Looks like I am writing mostly weekend posts here πŸ™‚ … but this was one weekend that deserves to be recorded on this blog… we had so much fun!!
This weekend, we had the annual function celebrations of our building. There were lots of events in which we participated and enjoyed. The events started on Friday evening with the quiz competition. Hubby and I were reluctant participants but we ended up coming first πŸ™‚ You should have seen the 3 of us jumping and clapping with excitement back home that day. It was after a long time time we won in some competitive event like this and the first time that hubby and I participated as a team. I think we complimented each other in our general knowledge. Anyway, we learnt an important lesson never to back out from participating in any event. The next two days were pure fun with all types of sports and cultural activities for kids as well as adults. Most people in our building could be found downstairs on both these days. We actively participated in all events. The only other event that we won was dumb charades in which again hubby and I participated as a team πŸ™‚ In sports there was hopping race, sack race, needle and thread race … I ended up last in most of these πŸ™‚ though hubby did better than me. My legs are still aching today with all the running and jumping. For Cheebu, there was sack race, hopping race, biscuit race in which she actively participated. She had great fun being with her friends all day and till late in the night. Then there was tug of war where we tried our strengths against our opponents… Rangoli, mehendi competition for women (I didn’t participate in these as I am hopeless at these), blindfolding and breaking the matka, drawing competition for kids and lots of other fun games. There was a fun game for couples called β€œEk duje ke liye” which brought out so much laughter from the audience. The grand finale to the celebrations was on Sunday evening with cultural programme and dinner. It is an occasion where the entire building turns up dressed up in their best. It is quite a sight to see. I wore a saree … one of the rare occasions I get for wearing saree πŸ™‚ and got lots of compliments for it from Cheebu πŸ™‚ There was fancy dress for kids where we sent Cheebu as the Pink Robot again. We repeated the same costume again as the audience was different this time. She was quite excited about it, but as soon as she reached the stage she had a change of mind and refused to speak anything on the mike 😦 We were a little disappointed about it. Children are so unpredictable. Sigh! The parents had put in lots of efforts in dressing up the kids for fancy dress. Most of the costumes were homemade and with very good imagination. There was a cute penguin, an astronaut, tree, saints, fairies,… even a little girl simply dressed depicting a girl child and saying β€œI am the girl child. Save me.” Then there were some amazing performances by the little ones dancing to popular bollywood songs and even Rabindra Sangeet. We had buffet dinner and the programme concluded with a magic show which was a super duper hit with the kids as well as their parents. Overall a weekend to remember πŸ™‚
Leaving you with some pictures


10 thoughts on “The fun weekend

  1. Wow! annual day of the housing society sounds cool…some thing I heard for the first time. Congratulations on winning the quiz and dumb charades…..I love that robot makeover of Cheebu πŸ˜€
    Glad you guys had an exciting weekend πŸ˜€

    • The annual day was great fun πŸ™‚
      Ya we were a bit dissapointed as she didnt say anything on stage 😦 especially as she was so enthusiastic about speaking on stage at home

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