Cheebu stories

Last month when we visited my parents, Cheebu had become very naughty. To scare her, we would tell her that if she does so much mischief then there is a baba who catches children and takes them away with him, he will come and take her away. While it did help us to control some of her mischief, I think we overdid it πŸ™‚ because one day when my dad told her “Shaitaani karogi to bachche pakadne waala baba le jaayega (If you do so much mischief, the baba who takes away children will come and take you away)”. She says to him “Aap jab Bombay aaoge na, wahan par Nana pakadne waala aata hai. Wo aapko le jaayega (When you come to Bombay, there a baba comes who takes away Nanas. He will take you away)”Β :roll:


One day my dad called on phone. He wanted to ask if we could video chat. As I was busy doing something, I gave the phone to Cheebu.

Dad(thinking that Cheebu is too small to know what is video chat): Mumma ko puchho, computer pe baat karenge kya (Ask mumma if we can talk on the computer)?

Cheebu: Arre Nana, computer pe baat karne ko video chat bolte hain. Aapko pata nahi hai kya?(Arre nana, talking on the computer is called video chat. Don’t you know that?) Needless to say dad was shocked πŸ™‚


A friend of hers (S) has a baby sister (now about 9 months old). Since the day the baby was born she has been asking me “Mumma, meri baby kab aayegi? (Mumma, when will my baby come)” I take this opportunity to tell her that God will give us a baby only if she starts sleeping on her own(she still sleeps with us). S got a baby sister because she sleeps on her own and not with her mumma any longer. Only yesterday hubby was telling me that she has told him “Papa aap aur main na doosre kamre me soyenge. Mumma ke saath nahi soyenge. Phir Bhagwaanji na mumma ke tummy me bhi baby daal denge (Papa, you and me will sleep in a separate room. Not with mumma. Then God will put a baby in mumma’s tummy)”Β :roll:


This month, new session started at her school and we had to pay her fees. We also had to pay her daycare fees. I was discussing something in this regard with hubby when she asked me what is fees. I explained to her that we had to pay money to the daycare for keeping her there and also to the school for teaching her. In the evening as weΒ reachedΒ home she asks me “Mumma, aapko office jaane ke liye bhi fees deni padti hai?”(Mumma, do you have to pay fees for going to office also?) πŸ™‚



14 thoughts on “Cheebu stories

  1. Wow, she is so smart! I loved the ‘nana pakadnewaala’ bit. Don’t you try scaring her anymore… I will send ‘Mummy pakadnewaala baaba’ from here πŸ˜›

  2. Too cute….I was wondering why I never thought of the solution to pakadnewala baba when I was a kid.
    Tight hugs and kisses to the super smart Cheebu

  3. OMG…how kids apply their logic no? Cheebu is so smart and hey hey the ‘papa and cheebu sleeping in another room’ cracked me up, I’m literally laughing out loud!!!!

    she is a darling!

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