Some more Cheebu stories

Every evening we go for a walk  after dinner. We enjoy the cool night breeze and we tell Cheebu that “Chalo achchhi hawa hai. Yahan baith ke hawa khaate hain” which literally translates into “there’s a nice breeze here. Let’s sit here and eat the breeze 🙂 ” and actually means that “lets sit here and enjoy the nice breeze” Every single day Cheebu sits with her mouth open pretending to eat the breeze 🙂

One evening as we are walking she says “Mumma, aaj to hawa nahin chal rahi hai” (Mumma, there’s no breeze today)

and then …

“Shaayad humne saari hawa kha li hogi, isliye aaj hawa  nahi hai” 🙂 (Maybe we have eaten all the breeze, that is why there is no breeze today) :lol:


One day she asks me”Mumma, jub aap chhote the tab aap mummy children the?” (When you were small, were you Mummy children)

Me: Mummy children???

Cheebu: Arre jo bachche school se apni mummy ke saath ghar jaate hain.  (those children who go home with their mummies after school) Apparently, when school leaves her teacher says “Daycare children line up here” Since children who go to the daycare are daycare children, she has given a name to children who go with their mummies as mummy children 🙂

Another day she asks me “Mumma, aap mujhe S ki tarah mummy children kab bana rahe ho?” (Mumma, when are you making me mummy children like S) ** S is her friend from daycare who is right now mummy children as her mom is on maternity leave after the birth of her second child. So apparently she wants a sibling only so that she can be mummy children :roll:


One day, on our way back home from the market in the car, hubby and I were pretending to argue with each other over something when hubby playfully hit me on my hand. Cheebu who was watching the entire thing from the back seat “Jhagda band karo. Kitni baar bola hai aap logon ko ki jhagda mat kiya karo. Koi meri baat nahi sunta ”  (Stop fighting. How many times have I told you not to fight. Nobody listens to me.) We looked at each other and couldn’t stop smiling.


Cheebu is quite fond of animals – dogs in particular. Few months back she started demanding a cutie-cutie doggy as a pet. So we would tell her that you already have a  cutie-cutie doggy pointing to her soft toy dogs. Then she would say “Nahi mujhe chalne waala cutie-cutie doggy chaahiye” 🙂 (No, I want a cutie-cutie doggy that walks) . Since then we tried to convince her that we cannot keep a doggy at home. Who would take care of the doggy when mumma-papa were away at work and she was at Daycare? Since then, she has adopted one of her soft toy doggy as pet. Every morning when she gets up you can hear her “Pooooochi! Pooooochi! Kahan ho?”

And it doesn’t stop here. There are plenty of crows around here. Quite often, we keep the leftover chapatis or bread on our balcony sill for the crows. Cheebu loves feeding the crows and watching them. She lovingly calls the Kauvi… and many times you will find her standing on the chair in the balcony and calling “Kauvi, kauvi aa jao” (Kauvi, kauvi come here) 🙂



18 thoughts on “Some more Cheebu stories

  1. Awww! Cheebu is so cute! I love the way she thinks!

    She loves dogs! How lovely! Mine is terrified of them 😦 I would have loved for her to love dogs!

  2. Awww that’s just so sweet !!!! Loved hawa khane wala and the Poochi Pooochi and Kauvi Kauvi !!! By the way when is she becoming ‘mummy children’ 😉 She is just so adorable !!!!

  3. “Shaayad humne saari hawa kha li hogi, isliye aaj hawa nahi hai” LOL………..And mummy children!?!?!?Amazing, how she came up with such a concept!!!
    So you have an animal lover at home, great 🙂

  4. hahaah @ pretending to eat breeze , saari hawa kha lee, 😀 she is a cracker eh? 🙂 so cute!

    how smart @ mummy children 🙂 ahem ahem..the first one wants to be an elder now 😉 by the she has a point there 🙂

    awww @ kauvi…

    cheebu is such a doll ..cuteness personified 🙂 bring more cheebu tales I say 🙂

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