North East trip -part 2

Day 2      Darjeeling

Darjeeling is famous for its sunrise … where the first rays of the sun fall over the Kanchenjunga range. So next morning we woke up early for the sunrise and found that it was still raining 😦 I didn’t have any hopes of seeing any sunrise in such weather. Anyways, we dressed up and reached the hotel reception to wait for our taxi. There was a huge crowd there. I guess literally everyone in the hotel must have been there. If anyone had told me that there was less than 0.01 % of seeing the sunrise I would have happily gone back and slept. But here I saw so many people all dressed up and ready at 3:30 am in the morning for watching the sunrise that you wouldn’t believe that there was hardly any chance of seeing the famous sunrise. Just before leaving we had given anti vomiting medicine to Cheebu but I think the medicine didn’t get any time to be effective because once again she vomited as soon as we were on our way to Tiger Hills.  After braving the rains and traffic jams so early in the morning we reached Tiger Hill. It was cold and raining…

There was a huge crowd of tourists… It was impossible to believe that there was hardly any hope of seeing the sunrise

These were the taxis in the parking lot… after that there was a line of vehicles for at least a couple of km outside the parking lot. It was peak tourist season. Nobody had anticipated such weather

As expected, we didn’t see any sunrise 😦 and started back to the hotel. On the way we were supposed to see a couple of places. But when the driver stopped at Ghoom Monastary, we decided to give it a skip as it was raining heavily and Cheebu was  sleeping comfortably. I was very disappointed… with heavy rains, hardly any visibility and Cheebu vomiting as soon as we were on the road… I could see where this holiday was heading 😦

Back at the hotel, while Cheebu cuddled up with her dad and both went off to sleep, I couldn’t sleep 😦 I let them sleep for a couple of hours from 6 to 8 am. Both of them woke up fresh after the morning nap and miraculously by then the weather had also cleared up 🙂 We could see the mountains in the distance from our hotel window.

We got ready and after a good breakfast and seeing the good weather outside we cheered up and were looking forward to the local sightseeing during the day. We started with the Japanese temple and the Peace Pagoda and then reached the Zoo. The zoo here is famous for the red pandas and we were not disappointed. There were so many of these cute creatures and Cheebu was delighted to see them. Besides these we also saw the Himalayan black bear, yak, white leapard, clouded leapard and many other animals.

Cheebu thoroughly enjoyed the zoo. It rained sometimes … but never very heavily

The zoo also houses the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute. We enjoyed seeing a museum here on the Himalayan mountain range and mountaineering, but Cheebu was bored. What she enjoyed was dressing up in the local costume and getting herself clicked 🙂 We got a family pic clicked in the local costume 🙂

The weather was perfect for some roasted corn and hot veg momos with hot tea

Next, we headed towards the tea gardens. On the way Hubby spotted the ropeway. This was not part of our package itinery, but the driver told us that it would also take us to the tea gardens. So we decided to go to the tea gardens via the ropeway instead of by road

There was a long queue for boarding the ropecar… we had to wait for about an hour. But the little stalls selling maggi and momos here kept us entertained. We got a free tutorial of how to make momos 🙂

There was a lovely view of a boarding school from there and we threatened Cheebu that we will get her admitted there if she was too naughty 😉

Finally after a long wait we got to board the ropecar

The views from the ropeway were certainly worth the wait 🙂 We went over lush green forests and tea gardens.

It was one of the longest ropeway ride,  I have been on. At the end of it there was a lovely little village in between the tea gardens. We went around the place and finally had the most awesome maggi with hot tea at a small place.

There was a lovely garden where we waited for our turn to go back  on the ropecar. We had to wait because not many people chose to get down after coming down the ropeway. They came through the ropeway more to enjoy the journey choosing not to get down at the destination. We didn’t mind waiting… it was a nice little place 🙂

The ride back was as good as the ride to the tea garden. From here we went back to the hotel and freshened up. We still had some time at hand before dinner and decide to explore the local market. We spent the next couple of hours in the market. The markets were mostly full of local stuff like show pieces and woolen garments and of course the world famous Darjeeling tea. We went to a heritage tea shop where the shopkeeper showed us tea ranging from Rs 200/kg to 20000/kg. I bought some organic green tea from here. Back to the hotel and after a yummy dinner we went off to sleep.


33 thoughts on “North East trip -part 2

  1. Cheebu is so cute as always.. and the photos were all very nice… Thanks to your travelogue, Darjeeling would be in my travel list for sure… 🙂 🙂

    Though the weather was not very favorable, you guys had a good trip 🙂

    • Thank you GB 🙂
      Oh yes GB I really wish that the weather had been better… We missed seeing the famous Kanchenjunga 😦
      But I am glad the trip still turned out to be good and we enjoyed 🙂

  2. Ropeway rides, eating and making momos, hot maggie with hot tea in the tea capital of the world….You guys were on a roll….
    Cheebu looks very very sweet & excited wearing the local costume 🙂
    And when is part III coming out?!?!

    • Oh yes, it was fun 🙂
      Thank you T2M. She loved wearing the local costume 🙂
      Part 3? Hopefully soon 🙂 It took me so much time to compose this part 🙂

  3. Cheebu looks choooooocuuute in that outfit. She is such a pooochkie thingy 🙂 all love is coming :))

    You guys have had a blast ! And made the most of it. I love that about traveling – making the most fun of what you can 🙂
    Lovely pics. Maggi looks yummilicious. I remembered K telling me about a trek he and his friends made And the maggi they had a sadhu’s place and how it was yummy 🙂

    Really looking forward to part 3. 🙂

    • Thank you so much Kismi 🙂
      “making the most fun of what you can ” That is exactly what we tried to do 🙂
      We had lots of Maggi and momos during this trip and believe me maggi tastes the best outdoors when you are on some trip 🙂
      Part 3 coming up soon 🙂

    • Oh yes she enjoyed completely except for the vomiting part 🙂
      Momos recipe? I was not so sure of the quantity of ingredients… so I didn’t post that 🙂
      Yes, tea can be that expensive… apparently it depends on the weather conditions that the tea plant gets exposed to that decides the quality of tea 🙂

  4. I read this post yesterday but could not view any images. So I came back today, still images are not visible in this post..but I can see them in the WP reader. Small joys 🙂

    Loved your description. Ropeway……thats why we say vacation is refreshing..coz we get to explore so many new stuff which we dont come across everyday.

    Cheebu is so cute!

    • Awww Visha. You can’t see the pics 😦 I am so sad to hear that. I wonder what the problem could be … Maybe you can try seeing it on a different browser or you can try subscribing to my blog via email… that way you will be able to read and see the pics in your inbox I think.
      And soooo sweet of you to come back and comment even though you cannot see the pics.. it takes the fun away from the narrative I know. Thank you so much 🙂 you are a sweetheart 🙂
      Vacations are definitely refreshing… you appreciate life and nature much more 🙂
      Thanks 🙂

      • I have subscribed to your blog by email only LifeSong, but the whole post does not get displayed. After 4 lines, there is a link to your blog saying : Read more of this post 😦

        I tried different browsers too..but I think it is my ISP troubling me.

        And I did see the pics the WP reader..but they were thumbnail images 🙂

  5. wow I can see something on the mountains too…could it be a tree? and maggie in most unexpected places tastes yummier,no? 🙂 The same happened when we took the Nainitalk-Kausani-Almora trip and had maggie all the way in the mountains 🙂 oh that reminds me they have this awesome dish called ‘aloo ka gutka’ and I loved making it too 🙂

    Cheebu looks lovely in that red dress 🙂

    the greens of tea gardens are wow,refreshing 🙂

    oye don’t threaten my little baby okie? She is a good girl no sending her to boarding shoarding!!!!

    thought he boarding school looks pretty cool,eh?

    • You mean in the 4th pic? I think it is a bird 🙂
      We had maggi and momos throughout the trip and I agree with you that it tastes yummier in the most unexpected places 🙂
      Thank you Scribby 🙂 With her love for dressing up, she loved wearing the local costume 🙂
      Boarding school threats are very useful during tantrums 😉

  6. Wow! what a vacation…the pictures said it all 😀
    Lucky me read the two parts together 🙂
    Cheebu is looking adorable in all the pics…great idea to get a family picture clicked in local costume 🙂

    • Thank you MyEra 🙂
      It was so much fun wearing the local costume and pretending to be the King, Queen and the Princess… yes, a memorable experience 🙂

  7. Wow, that is some crowd of tourists to see the sunrise!! We woke up at 4 AM to catch the sunrise in Diu, but we were the only two people around on the beach! 😛

    Lovely pics and lovely descriptions. Looks like you guys had loads of fun. 🙂

    I love the costume that Cheebu is wearing! It is so colourful and bright!!

    • Just the 2 of you watching sunrise – must have been amazing na? 🙂
      Yes, even I was amazed to see so many people turning up so early in the morning in cold and rainy weather to see a sunrise for which there was literally no hope 🙂
      Thank you TGND 🙂
      Cheebu loved wearing that costume 🙂

  8. That local costume is so colourful! I am like Cheebu ..hilly roads just make me remarkable that she enjoyed the trip inspite of that..
    And the view from the cable car looks beautiful! Wasn’t Cheebu scared..I think I would have been..

    • Aww… the hilly roads make you puke? I know I had this problem too when I was young though in a milder form. But now I was totally fine during this trip and I am hopeful that Cheebu will outgrow it too.
      Ya, it was tough for her. We would give her anti vomiting medicine, but still some discomfort was there for her 😦 But the moment we got out of the car, she would be fine and enjoying 🙂
      Cheebu enjoyed the ride on the cable car 🙂 she wasn’t scared at all 🙂

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