Wordless Wednesday 8: Cactus flowers

Never knew that the thorny cactus could bear such beautiful  and delicate flowers, until I saw these.

P.S: The first picture was clicked by Cheebu 🙂


22 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday 8: Cactus flowers

    • Thank you Visha 🙂
      That pic is one among the many pics that Cheebu had clicked (we allow her to use our old camera under supervision 🙂 ), a few of them turned out to be good 🙂

  1. yes yes, cactus has very rare kinds of flowers.. nice colors too.. if i am nt wrong few bloom only once-in 12 years.. u need to wait for it.. by the way cheebu is great photographer.. develop the hobby yar..

    • Yes, even I have heard that some cactus flower only once in many years, don’t know if these were of those species 🙂
      That pic clicked by Cheebu is one among the many that she clicked… a few turned out to be good 🙂

  2. Wow, these flowers look awesome! 🙂

    I have heard that cactus plants also flower, but didn’t know they would be this beautiful!

    Cheebu’s pic is great! 🙂 I mean the pic that she clicked.

  3. Hi Lifesong! Though I have heard of cactus flowers, I am seeing them for the first time ! They are so beautiful ! And such a wonderful click by Cheebu 🙂

    • No, no, not from my garden. A garden in Mumbai is a big luxury 🙂 These were taken at Kalimpong 🙂
      Hehe… I know you are partial towards her 🙂

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