At home

I am at home since yesterday nursing myself back to health. I had this cold for past 2 weeks that I was ignoring and at the most trying to subdue with home remedies. Finally, it turned so bad this weekend that I was forced to take a few days off from work. I spent most of yesterday in bed, sleeping and am feeling much better today 🙂 I debated whether to leave Cheebu at daycare or bring her back home from school (It would have been nice to enjoy some “me” time 🙂 ). Finally, decide to bring her back home. I had not told her about my leave, so she was pleasantly surprised to see me waiting for her at the end of school. We came back from school walking, stopping several times when she wanted to show me the earthworm, snail and butterfly that she had spotted 🙂 … something which we get to do so rarely. I am so enjoying this feeling of doing things at my own pace and not having to rush with things. Bliss! I am so thankful for this unexpected but much needed break from the daily grind of work-home routine. Now going off for an afternoon nap with Cheebu 🙂 Small joys 🙂


24 thoughts on “At home

  1. Its like the perfect silver lining in the dark clouds 🙂 I too suffered from viral fever for the past four days. Had to take a couple of sick leaves. My silver lining – S stayed back with me postponing his travel plans. 😀

    I am glad you are getting to spend some quality time with Cheebu, but pls take care and get well soon.

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