This Dussehra…

… apart from the regular celebrations like going to see the “burning of Ravana” and the grand display of fireworks there, we also made our own Ravana

and burnt him

While the kids had fun watching

The Ravana was completely made from the left over decorations from Cheebu’s Birthday. The body was made using a couple of birthday caps, the main face was a mask to which we added  a moustache 🙂 , the hands were made up of rolled up newspaper and the sword and shield with some cardboard

The rest of the heads were drawn and cut on another cardboard and coloured by Cheebu.

We then covered the body with some coloured tissue paper, the sword and sheath with aluminium foil, wound some coloured birthday streamers on his hands and stuck the remaining heads and lo the Ravana was ready 🙂

Cheebu grew so fond of him that she refused to get him burnt 🙄 With great difficulty, we could convince her that we have to burn him to which she reluctantly agreed but said that she would not see him getting burnt. However, when she saw the other kids watching enthusiastically, she came over 🙂






34 thoughts on “This Dussehra…

    • Thank you AM 🙂
      Well, yesterday was a holiday and it was not as time consuming as it looks 🙂 Hubby used to make Ravana during his childhood… so it was mostly his idea here 🙂
      I am sure Bunty will be delighted if you make this with her in future 🙂

  1. Cheeebu looks so cute in that outfit ! Muah to her! 🙂
    And that is a very cute Ravana. I understand why she wouldn’t want to burn it. hehe. I think it was super creative to use the leftover decorations ! You mother-daughter duo are a “crafty” riot !

  2. Such a super cute Ravana… I fell in love with him 😀 Even I felt the same seeing the burning Ravana… how could you guys burn it after spending so much time on it?? Poor Cheebu.. 🙂

    • Haha GB! You too 🙂 …. Cheebu grew so fond of him that she was calling him Ravvu 🙄
      We had to burn it… couldn’t keep a Ravana at home on Dussehra 🙂 🙂

  3. wow its a very innovative n creative idea to prepare apna ravan and burn it too really liked the idea to teach the kid the importance of our festivals n traditions…. No wonder the ravana was so cute that she refused to burn ha ha

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