Wordless Wednesday 13 – Cats


During our recent trip to visit Cheebu’s grandparents, Cheebu and her two cousins had a great time with cats… there were plenty of them. As soon as the kids spotted a cat, all 3 of them would be after it … trying to get milk for it from dadaji-dadiji, patting or stroking them or just watching them 🙂



This one was friendly… Cheebu called it Pillu (I don’t know why)… a favorite with the kids.DSC03987



DSC04004 This one was dangerous. Dadaji had warned the kids not to touch … only watch from a distance.DSC04007


18 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday 13 – Cats

  1. The first cat looks furious!! I am not a great fan of cats… for that matter, any pet animal 😐

    But when I see ppl loving their pet animals more than their own kids, it makes me change my mind too 🙂

    You know LS.. “Pilli” in telugu means cat. Cheebu has rightly named it as Pillu 😀

    • I am not a great fan of cats too, but Cheebu is 🙂
      These cats were not pets …. but they probably got more attention from the kids in that one week than they would have got in a whole year 🙂
      WoW! Pilli means cat in telugu!!! I must tell Cheebu this 🙂

  2. does the grandparents pet all these cats? I am scared of cats and dogs may be ‘coz of that dog chasing experience during school days.. 😦 I should shrug it someday..

  3. I went all awww seeing the cats and love that cheebu have for them (though i dont like this feline species).Glad she had a great time 🙂

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