Visiting Elephanta

Winters  are the best time to explore outdoors in Mumbai… Summers here being too sultry and rains being too rainy. Of course rains have their own charm and some places around here are best explored  during the rains, but for us this is the best time to be outdoors in Mumbai.  So last saturday we went on an unplanned trip to the Elephanta caves.  Unplanned, because we just decided suddenly that we should  go and it was already afternoon by the time we started. The Elephanta caves is a World heritage site located on the Elephanta Island and can be reached by ferry boats from The Gateway of India. It was 3 pm by the time we reached Gateway of India, but we were lucky to get a ferry immediately for Elephanta.

DSC04438We went to the top deck of the ferry boat and settled down to enjoy the ride. During the hour long journey to the Islands, we saw several ships big and small


Light house


Several seagulls


Some fishing

DSC04457And finally the island approaching






As we got down from the ferry we were welcomed by a little toy train that takes you further into the island


For a mere Rs. 10 for a return journey, the train was well worth the ride with views of the sea on either side. After the train ride, the rest of the journey to the caves involved climbing up lots of stairs. Here Cheebu was quite sporting and climbed up eagerly, while I must admit that we were tired after a while. There were several shops on the way selling lots of handicraft items. Some of them were good, but we didn’t buy any as we wanted to return back in time for the last ferry to Gateway of India. There were also lots of monkeys around who are very notorious and having had a scary experience with them during one of my past trips, we were careful to keep away from them and not carry any eatable in our hands.

The caves are believed to be more than 1000 years old


There are many carvings in the caves



But most of them are not in very good condition 😦

Due to shortage of time, we didn’t explore all the caves… I guess it would take a full day trip to explore the island. That calls for another trip 🙂

Cheebu was excited to see these creatures


I googled and found they were called Pheasants



The return journey was pretty interesting too. A group of seagulls started following our ferry… the started flying behind it. This got the people in the ferry interested and they started throwing eatables (chips, biscuits…) towards them. The birds were very smart and we were amazed to see their skill of catching the eatables coming their way in mid air flying after the boat. It was really amazing



and entertaining to watch them 🙂

We also saw a beautiful sunset

DSC04564as the sun went down against a backdrop of ships… with their lights coming on

DSC04574and finally reached Gateway of India which looked so different from the time we had left


DSC04591That was another memorable trip exploring Mumbai 🙂






26 thoughts on “Visiting Elephanta

  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful pics! Especially loved the pic of the sunset and that of the lone seagull.

    Elephanta Caves looks like such a lovely place… It has always been on our must-visit-places list.. Would love to do it someday, and ride on that train too. 🙂

  2. I enjoyed the pictures…its so good to explore the city you live in. Sad to hear the caves are not well-maintained tho. That’s such a pity.

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