Scene 1

Hubby and I are busy in the kitchen getting dinner ready. Cheebu has a friend who has come over to play and the 2 girls are busy playing with the kitchen toys. Cheebu smells a familiar smell coming over from the kitchen…. comes running over to confirm if it is what she thinks it is for dinner. We tell her yes it is. Overjoyed she runs back to tell her friend. After some time, the friend goes home and Cheebu immediately clears up her toys and keeps it in place and tells me ” See Mumma, I kept all my toys in place without you telling me ”

Scene 2

I am hanging out the wet clothes from the washing machine in the balcony for drying. Cheebu comes to me “Mumma, shall I help you?” and then picks up the wet clothes from the washing machine and brings them to me one by one, struggling as her Β hands barely reach the bottom of the washing machine.

Scene 3

While I am hanging the last of clothes, she goes to the kitchen Β and says “Mumma I will lay the table while you are hanging the clothes”. By the time I have finished hanging the clothes, I see she has neatly laid down all that her tiny hands could carry on the chatai (mat)

Scene 4

We are seated for dinner, Cheebu goes running into the bedroom and gets my mobile. “Was it ringing?” I ask her. “No Mumma, but I brought it here so that you will not have to get up and go if it rings during dinner time”. Hubby and I exchange glances as we can see the angel ring above her head πŸ™‚

Any guesses what was for dinner tonight?







Panipuri πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


10 thoughts on “Angel

  1. Cheebu and Adi are soul sisters.. Adi does all this, give me a hug and says thank you when I prepare her favorite food..
    so the secret to bring out the angel in Cheebu is pani puri haan?

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