Teethy tales

For the past few weeks, Cheebu has been narrating to me tales of how her friends at school and daycare have started losing their baby teeth. Every now and then she comes to me excitedly “Mumma, today A’s teeth fell of or B’s teeth fell off ” followed by “When will my teeth fall off”. Apparently teeth falling off is a sign of growing up for her and so she cant afford to be left behind her friends 🙂 A few days back she happily told me that she had started growing new teeth. A closer look inside her mouth revealed that indeed there were 2 little teeth peeping behind her lower front teeth. I was horrified… how could the new teeth come out before her older ones fell off. I did not reveal my fears to her, instead  I smiled and congratulated her about it for I did not want to scare her and spoil her happiness. But I was very worried. I immediately googled about it and found much to my relief that it is pretty common and happens with 1 in 10 children. I was relieved … but then people around me … friends and neighbours started pointing out to me that usually the dentists extract the baby teeth in such situations. This got me worried again for I didn’t want Cheebu to go through the extraction process 😦 Finally, hubby and me decided to seek the advice of a dentist . We got an appointment for an evening for a checkup. I reassured Cheebu that the dentist will do nothing and only examine her teeth but deep inside it was me that was more scared.


The dentist we went to is a very sweet lady. We had discovered her a couple of years back after an extremely bad experience with another dentist who had treated me for a root canal. I was in great pain with a totally messed up root canal when we found her .. and she was God sent for me. After several sittings with her for several months (with hubby and Cheebu accompanying me for most of the visits) could my damaged teeth be repaired. But I always had a pain free and peaceful session with her. Anyways, I digress… but I can’t thank this lady enough.

One look at Cheebu’s teeth and the dentist assured us that this was perfectly normal and no medical intervention was needed. Her baby teeth are shaking and should fall off soon making place for the new teeth. She didn’t even charge us for the consultation. I feel such genuine doctors are very rare in our country and times. Needless to say we are very much relieved for now. As for Cheebu, I hope the tooth fairy visits her soon 🙂


16 thoughts on “Teethy tales

  1. Oh yes this is common…both me and bro had went through this..My bro had an extra front lower tooth.It looked cute..though in his teens he requested dad to take him to dentist to extract it.

    Nothing to worry and I hope cheebu may soon get nice gift from tooth fairy 🙂

  2. Cheebu is indeed growing!!! May the tooth fairy visit soon!
    I too have heard that now a days it’s very common for kids to get their permanent set of teeth before their milk teeth falls. Apparently it’s because we eat pretty soft food now a days.

  3. Having easy and experienced doctors are really rare and once you find them you should cling on them forever! Touch wood my dentist is a gem too in every which way !

    Cheebu’s getting new teethe now, aww! How all phases are so cute to capture, no?

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