Road trip to Velneshwar & Ganpatipule – Part 3

If you haven’t read Part 1 and Part 2, do read them first.

Day 3

We woke up early. It was cold, so we decided to head to the restaurant to have some tea. Since breakfast was also ready, we had some breakfast of idlis and poha along with hot tea. While it was cold sitting there, the rays of the sun were already on the sea and beach and it looked inviting

DSC05001DSC05002After the breakfast, we went to the beach. The water was surprisingly quite warm… so we had a nice time just walking across the beach through the waves.

DSC05015As it became warmer, we discarded the woolens and spent the next couple of hours just playing and relaxing in the sand.


We made sand castles, dug out wells till the water came from it


It was total bliss… the blue skies, the sea and having the entire beach to ourselves (It was monday… remember we had extended our trip by a day 🙂 so there were very few people left in the resort).

DSC05046Sitting here, the mad rush of the everyday life and work seemed so unreal.

I love watching the sea… the way the waves lash against the beach

DSC05011Sometimes quietly… sometimes with a roar… I love the sound of the sea and can sit for hours just watching and listening to the sounds of the waves breaking on the seashore… and this is what I did 🙂

When it became too hot to sit on the beach, we headed towards the sea and spent a good hour playing in the water. When we had played to our hearts content, we went back to our room for a proper bath 🙂 After that we decided to visit the temple that Ganpatipule is famous for. It was Makar Sankranti day and it was slightly crowded, but we had a nice and peaceful darshan and came out


Darshan in any Ganesh temple is incomplete without visiting Ganeshji’s Mooshak 🙂 People often whisper their wishes into the ears of Ganseshji’s faithful Mooshak who in turn conveys their wishes to Ganesha… and trust me this is a much more effective way of getting your wishes granted 🙂 So we waited our turn to whisper our wishes into Mooshak’s ears before coming out of the temple. And when we had moved away, Cheebu said she wanted to go back… she had something more to say to the Mooshak 🙄 Anyway, we went back and she again whispered into the Mooshak’s ears 🙂 and would not tell us what she had told him, inspite of us asking her several times 🙂 But Mumma-Papa knew 😉 (She had been asking us for a Hoopla ring for sometime 🙂 and we got it for her in a few days)

We have a tradition of eating khichdi on Makar Sankranti day and I was feeling sad that we would not be able to do it this year as we were on a holiday… but we got lucky as the temple serves a prasad of Khichdi to the devotees 🙂 I couldn’t have been happier 🙂  and between the 3 of us, we relished a plateful of yummy khichdi 🙂 After the darshan, we explored the market near the temple and had lunch. After lunch we went to the main part of the beach… you know the crowded one 🙂 and had some refreshing nariyal pani. There were some water sports here but we didn’t want to go one by one as  Cheebu  could not go, so we didn’t try anything.DSC05055

We then decided to explore more of the area and visited the Prachin Konkan Museum. This open air museum displays lifesize models depicting life in olden times in Konkan.  There was a guided tour around and we found it quite interesting.

DSC05100DSC05078 DSC05066 DSC05069 DSC05072 DSC05073 DSC05076 DSC05077

The museum was at a nice location with lots of greenery around. We went up a machan that gave a nice view of the place


And finally had some fun at the souvenir shop there 🙂


Apart from this 🙂 the souvenir shop had some interesting articles on display. There were lots of wooden handicraft items which to me looked similar to the wooden handicrafts from Varanasi. However, we learnt that Sawantwadi, a place closeby is also famous for wooden handicrafts. There was also an interesting shell museum here.

After visiting the museum, we just drove along the coast line. A few km of drive along the coast brought us to the Bhandarpule beach. A beautiful beach again, but we contented ourselves from admiring it from a distance and didn’t venture into the waters.

DSC05108We reached Ganpatipule back in time to enjoy the sunset, strolled along the local market and bought a few things, had dinner and went to bed early for we had a long journey to cover the next day.


23 thoughts on “Road trip to Velneshwar & Ganpatipule – Part 3

  1. Wow!!!! you have clicked some really beautiful pictures 🙂
    Loved the quieter beach more than the crowded one….
    So you became ravan and Cheebu became Ganeshji, eh 😉 ?!?

  2. Lovely lovely lovely LS! I am going to read the previous parts as and when I get time 🙂

    The beach reminded me of the trip we made to Pondy (of which I am yet to write).. though I would have loved to go into waters, I didnt get a chance. I can also listen and look at waves for any number of hours.. they are so beautiful. I get lost in thoughts sitting at a beach. Your pictures and words have made me yearn for a quieter beach. i am going to bug S to take me to Pondy once more 😆

    Loved all your pictures, I am glad you had a great time! 🙂

  3. That sounded like the perfect holiday!

    Heavenly! We did the same in Goa, just relaxed, played in the water and had loads of fun:)

    I so want to go here now, seems perfect for a relaxing break. And especially loved the museum, something unique, no?

  4. I am so putting Ganpatipule into my ‘to-travel’ list, all thanks to you LS 😀

    You have made the beach come alive, I too love beaches 🙂

  5. Beautiful, beautiful pics! Specially loved the pics of the fun at the souvenir shop. 😀
    I want to go to Ganpatipule NOW!!!!
    You are such a beach person, no? Just like me.. it comes out so clearly through this post. 🙂

    • Thanks TGND 🙂
      Do plan a trip to Ganptipule sometime… winter months will be the best for visiting. I am sure you will love the place 🙂
      I think I am a water person… I love any place that has water… lakes, rivers, waterfalls… and of course the sea 🙂

  6. Wow! Lovely snaps LS! Really made me feel the place. And the fun you had comes through so clearly. I would love to go here as well.
    Everytime I read such lovely write-ups and see such lovely snaps, that I wonder when I can catch up! 😛 I won’t ever but still…..

    Cheebu as usual is the cutie!

    • Thank you Kismi 🙂 Glad you enjoyed reading 🙂 It is really a beautiful place and we had a great trip 🙂
      So true about that feeling of catching up … there is so much beauty around that it will probably take more than a lifetime to see and enjoy everything 🙂

  7. beautiful place indeed & a great description….I am planning to visit both velneshwar & ganpatipule this weekend 7-8 dec from Mumbai. I will be taking the same route which has ferries. Just wanted to know if you know the details of the ferry timings etc so that I do not waste time waiting for the ferry. Also, which road to take to go back to mumbai, if i choose not to take the ferry again.

    • Hi Saurabh. Glad you enjoyed reading.
      Sorry! I don’t remember the ferry timings…. but yes I do remember we had to wait a bit. Nevertheless, this route which has ferries is worth going through for the lovely views. For the return journey, if you wish to avoid the ferries, you can come via Chiplun….. it will be much faster though longer.
      Hope you have a nice trip 🙂

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