Like every year, we celebrated Holi this year too with lots of fun. To me the first thing that comes to my mind when you say Holi is… No! Not colours… but Gujhiya!!!  🙂  Ever since I can remember, I remember having made this at home with my family for Holi. It was for gujhiya that I waited the entire year for Holi. Making Gujhiya was an affair where the whole family was involved.  My mother used to start preparations for making this sweet well in advance before Holi. She made lots of Mawa at home with milk and dry fruits and then the rest of us do the filling part. The Gujhiyas were then fried. I remember those days we made hundreds of them. We always had friends visiting for Holi and between us and the visitors, it was consumed in a few days. Now we neither have so many visitors for Holi and nor do we prefer to eat too many for health reasons, but still to keep the tradition alive for Cheebu, I  have been religiously making a few every year. This year too, I made them over the weekend before Holi.


To me, Holi is also associated with lots of food 🙂 Some things that my mom always made were Pua, Kachoris and Dahi bade. I also try to make these every year for Holi


DSC05504Holi celebrations began in our building from the eve of Holi with Holika Dahan or burning of Holika.


On the holi day itself, morning was spent in cooking and eating 🙂 Luckily hubby was home for Holi. Did I mention that he is now home only on weekends. Yes, he has moved and I am a single parent during the weekdays managing home, work and Cheebu (pat on my back 😉 ) Anyways, I digress. After breakfast we went down to play holi with friends. We have  community Holi celebrations in our building where everyone comes down to play. Cheebu had lots of fun with her friends and so did we 🙂 We came back after a couple of hours all of us beyond recognition 🙂 I didn’t take any pictures this year but here is a collage from last year


So that was our Holi filled with fun, food and friends. How was yours?


32 thoughts on “Holi

  1. Wow, looks like you guys had super-duper fun on the day of Holi! 🙂 Good for you!

    All that food looks super yummy, especially the dahi bade. Drool drool. 😀 I think I have eaten the South Indian version of gujhiya, but not this one. And, I have never seen anyone make kachoris at home! I love them in shops here and in Ahmedabad, filled with teekha and khatta chutney! 🙂

    Pat on the back indeed for being a single parent during the week! I know how tough it is!

    • Oh yes! We had a great Holi 🙂
      And food was definitely good 🙂 I make a healthier version of kachoris with whole wheat flour rather than maida and yes I made the khatta chutney too 🙂

  2. Oh, and Holi was an extremely quiet affair for us. We were working, as was the OH.
    It is not celebrated with as much gusto here, in South India. I remember wonderful celebrations in Ahmedabad, though.

  3. Wow LS! Those sweets and Dahi bale look so so tempting. We call this Gujhiya as Kajjikaayalu and it was always fun during my childhood days with mom involving us also in making these 🙂 I recently made these for Last Diwali at in-laws and they were gone in the first two days only 😀

    Good you had lots of fun, loved the collage from last year 🙂

    And a big pat and lots of hugs to you, for managing everything single handed – guess we both are now in the same boat. Hope this a temp arrangement. Take care LS.

    • Thanks GB! Food was good 🙂 I totally understand about the gujhiyas getting over in the first 2 days itself 😀
      Yes, we are in the same boat. Hugs! This is a temporary arrangement but we don’t know how temporary yet 😦

  4. WOW!!! U made quite many things!!! And ya Holi seems incomplete without Gujhiya na? You managing everything alone?? *pat on ur back*

    P.S. BTW You belong to which place?

  5. The gujhiyas and malpuas – they are to die for. If you gave me a plate of them each, until the time you return back from your kitchen with a glass of water, I would have finished most of them ( enjoying the whole sequence in the mind’s eye right now ) 😛 😛 😛

    You are a model mother, following the tradition to let Cheebu enjoy 🙂 🙂

    • Thanks so much Visha 🙂 I loved imagining the whole sequence too in my mind 🙂
      NO, no model mother… Cheebu is very unpredictable with gujhiyas. One year she will eat them and next year she wont touch them even. So most of the gujhiyas were eaten by me 😛 She loved the dahi vadas though 🙂

  6. I am drooling over dahi-vadas now 🙂 I luv them! Sweets are not my kind of food anyway, but the gujiyas look awesome too 🙂 We make them for Ganesh Puja every year.

    Happy weekend 🙂

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