Unconventional family

Ours is a very unconventional Indian family…. a nightmare for any census taker 🙂 Here is a conversation I had with a census taker who interviewed me some time back:

Your Husbands name

Hubby Dear

Husbands father’s name

FIL surname

How come husband and FIL don’t have same surname?

Errr …. just like that they don’t have same surname

ok, Husbands mothers name

MIL surname

husbands DOB


Your name

Life Song

How come your surname is different from your Husbands? (she eyes me curiously)

I use my maiden name

Your DOB


WHAT!!?!! You are older than your husband? (She almost faints)


(She goes away shaking her head. Hubby and me have a good laugh)   😀


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