On technology

I remember the time when I had traveled abroad around 8 years back. I didn’t have any laptop. There were no smart phones then. I just had a basic mobile phone to make and receive calls and sms. Keeping in touch with loved ones in India was neither easy nor cheap. Calling or receiving calls from India on my mobile was extremely expensive and was reserved for emergencies only. I bought calling cards and would talk to my parents and hubby just about twice a week or so. Rest of the time I would communicate through email. I wasn’t aware of applications like gtalk even if they existed then.  It was very tough for me not being able to be connected to my loved ones all the time.

Recently, when hubby was abroad, I realized how much things have changed. Never for a moment we were not connected. International roaming on mobile is still very expensive, but with smart phones, laptops and good availability of wifi and even internet on your mobile if you take a local sim, being in touch is a lot more easier. With applications like Whattsapp, gtalk and skype we were connected at all times. We had discovered Whattsapp just about a week or 2 before he left and what a timely discovery it was for us 🙂 We skyped every evening and rest of the time it was whattsapp and chat on gmail. Whattspp is such a great app. We would click pictures and send… pictures of everyday things, us in different moods… Hubby would send us a picture almost daily of what he had cooked for dinner 🙂 If he went sightseeing, pictures were clicked and sent immediately, the exact location of the place was shared on map 🙂

Cheebu became an expert in using Whattsapp. Generally, I don’t encourage her to use the phone or tab, but this was a great way of communicating with her papa. I remember, if I scolded her she would immediately reach for the tab and complain to hubby “Mumma ne mujhe daanta, mumma se gussa ho jao (Mumma scolded me, get angry with her)” 🙂 … writing all this with suitable smileys. She would never send a message without a smiley 🙂 Talking of smileys, I remember, once hubby and I fought and didn’t speak to each other for a couple of days. Later we made up…  and the entire communication of making up happened using only smileys 🙂

Another time, I remember being at work and was chatting with hubby via chat…. he was at a supermarket looking for a vegetarian brand of bread. I could look up on the internet and tell him a brand that was vegetarian… yes from so far off. Yes, technology has definitely made the world shrink.

The only thing that is missing is the physical touch or feel of the person from so far off… as Cheebu would say sometimes to hubby “Papa, laptop me se nikal ke aa jaao (Papa, come out of the laptop)”  On another ocassion, a hungry me told the husband “I don’t feel like cooking and I am hungry”. Hubby had made khichdi that day and said “I wish I could upload the khichdi from here and you could download it there and eat it” 😀 …If only 🙂 🙂 … maybe someday…  🙂


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