It was a very busy weekend for us. Over the last week, we were debating whether to go on an outing this weekend. Being second saturday, Cheebu had a holiday on saturday and the weather was also good, perfect for a day at the beach. On the other hand, there were lots of pending work at home. We are still not fully settled at the new home, we need to shop for some furniture, curtains etc Β apart from the weekly groceries and vegetables. But we haven’t had any outing or holiday for ages now and were all desperate for a trip. When I went to pick Cheebu from the daycare on Friday, the first thing she asked me was “Mumma are we going to the beach tomorrow?” πŸ™‚ See, even she was desperate for a break πŸ™‚ Back home on Friday, I helped Cheebu prepare for a class test on Monday. When hubby came back home, we discussed the issue and decided to go on a day trip to Kashid beach. We planned to start early, but could only start after 7 am. So after 4 hours of driving, we reached Kashid, spent 4 hours at the beach and it took us another 5 hours to reach back home (as we came by another route) It was tiring, but a fun trip and a much needed break for all of us. I’ll save the pictures for another post πŸ˜‰ Back home, I fixed up a quick dinner of parathas , leftover sabzi from previous day and adrak chai, while hubby gave Cheebu a bath. She was tired and very sleepy and slept immediately after dinner in the drawing room itself. Later hubby carried her to her room. Weekdays, Cheebu still sleeps with me, but on weekends when hubby is around she sometimes agrees to sleep in her room.

Next morning, when we woke up, we missed Cheebu on our bed, so went to her room to cuddle with her. This is our favourite activity on any weekend morning, where hubby and I become the slices of bread of a sandwich and Cheebu is the tomato inside πŸ™‚ Once we were up, while i busied myself with preparing the breakfast, Cheebu and hubby went down to explore the garden. After breakfast, we realized that the annual sports of our building complex was being held. So we went down for that. Since we are new here, we don’t know many people around and missed the familiar comfort of the annual day celebrations at our older building. Cheebu participated in a running race and we left after that for grocery and vegetable shopping. When we came back the event was still going on but we didn’t stay back as we had work at home. Had a nice lunch of Kadhi-Chaawal and then it was time for Cheebu’s swimming class. I took her for her class and waited there. This time she was scared to be pushed into the pool as the instructor took her on a deeper side of the pool. But her enthusiasm is still intact. Touch wood. Back home, we again prepared for her class test. Hubby then took her for Vedic fun class while I made paneer pakoras and tea. Sometimes I feel, there are too many classes for her. But the problem with her is that she refuses to leave any class that she has joined. She mostly gets interested in everything. It is fine as long as she is enjoying, but sometimes it gets too much for us, specially on sundays. Okay! let me do a post on extra curricular activities that she attends soon. We went to pick her up from the class and met our old neighbours and invited them to our house. They walked back with us and spent an hour with us. Cheebu played with their son, her friend. She misses her old friends very much. After they left, we had dinner and went to bed. Hubby left early today morning and we got busy with our routine. Another 5 days till he comes back again 😦 Weekends go so fast while the week days drag on. Luckily, Cheebu and I have a holiday tomorrow…. Β hubby doesn’t 😦

So that was our weekend. Super busy but happy πŸ™‚ How was yours?


3 thoughts on “Weekend

  1. that sounds like a packed weekend!! Ours? husband went to work on Sunday and came back on Monday morning at 3:30am. Saturday, we were at home lazing around and doing weekend chores!!! that boring it was!

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