This day, last year: Road trip to Velneshwar & Ganpatipule – Part 4

I realized that I had not written part 4 of our road trip to Ganpatipule last year. So let me document it here just for the sake of posterity.

If you haven’t read Part 1 , Part 2 and Part3, do read them first.

Day 4

Today was the day to return back home. It was going to be a long journey …. longest distance that hubby had driven in a single day. He chose a way where we could avoid at least one of the ferries to save time. At the same time, we wanted to avoid the crowded and boring national highway as much as possible. We started early after a quick breakfast. We drove through lone roads with not a soul or vehicle in sight ocassionally crossing some secluded village.

DSC05139 DSC05140

We stopped at some of these villages to ask the way, where cheerful villagers were very helpful and would even wish us “Happy journey” after telling us the way. Being the day after Makar Sankranti, we noticed that the roads near most villages were beautifully decorated.


We crossed one of the creeks by a bridge instead of ferry. It was a cold morning and vapour was coming out from the warm water of the creek giving it a nice misty look.

DSC05123 DSC05135We stopped on the way at Guhagar beach, a beautiful beach again, and had some snacks and Nariyal pani.

DSC05158We packed our lunch from a restaurant and had a nice picnic in the woods… just like I used to read about in the Enid Blyton books during my childhood

DSC05176We finally reached home after 12 hours of being on the road, with lots of breaks of course. It was a very memorable trip, a trip that we have very fond memories of…. lot of time spent on the road but enjoyed every moment of it. One more thing I must mention from this trip, the songs that we heard in a loop during the journey. There were many songs but if I had to pick one as the song of the trip, it would be this one

Cheebu loved this song so much that she made us play this in loops. Even today when I hear this song, it reminds me of the trip and the lovely time we had there 🙂


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