My cake story

Recently Techie2mom had shared her cooking story. Let me share with you my cake story 🙂 For Cheebu’s fifth  birthday party, I had baked a princess cake. Now,  a couple of years back if someone had even suggested such a thing, I would have said “What?? Me? Baking a cake for a B’day party? A princess cake??!!?? it is just not possible.” I would have just gone ahead and ordered the cake. After all, there are such lovely cakes available in the market these days in every flavour and design….

During my younger days  when I lived with my parents I used to bake cake in the cooker. A very simple cake and decorations would be limited to decorating with dry fruits or gems. But we all loved the cake.

Later after marriage and after Cheebu came into my life, I did try making this cake at home but neither hubby nor Cheebu were cake fans and didn’t appreciate it much. So after the discouraging response I got for them, I didn’t have much motivation to make it at home and baking a cake was limited to the times I went home to my parents.

And then blogging happened in my life 🙂 I came across the cooker cake by My Era. That brought back memories of the cake I used to bake in the cooker when I lived with my parents. I was tempted to bake again. And now I had an oven as well…. and so I started baking again. The initial couple of cakes didn’t turn out too well, but as I got the hang of using the oven, there was no stopping me. I remember there was a time then, when I was baking almost every weekend. Not good for our waists I know 🙂 but soon hubby and Cheebu started liking my cakes. This gave me the much needed confidence and I dared to think about baking a princess cake for Cheebu’s Birthday at home. I am very proud of the fact that I made it. For me it was a big achievement. I am sharing some pictures of the cake as it was made.

 Another thing that I wish to successfully try to do is to bake bread at home. I have tried doing it a couple of times, but failed 😦 Somehow, discouraged by these unsuccessful attempts, I didn’t try again. But baking a bread is in my bucket list for this year. Let me see how it turns out. Fingers crossed.

Wish me luck 🙂


6 thoughts on “My cake story

  1. I loved your rainbow princess cake!! That inspired me to bake more and more cakes 🙂
    All the best with bread baking.. If you use good yeast, your bread will always be great!!

  2. I remember this cake you made for Cheebu’s bday.. I think it was around that time that I also made princess cake inspired from Smitha’s post.. good luck for the bread making..

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