My day in bullets

It has been a long and busy day today. These days, weekends are turning out to be busier than weekdays. I can’t think of anything to write, so I will just write about my day in bullets.

  • Woke up early as Cheebu had school. Went for a nice long morning walk with hubby after dropping her off to school.
  • Back home, had breakfast and got ready to go to market. Bought a few things for the home and looked up some furniture. Bought some diamond (imitation) studded laces. Cheebu’s school has annual function next week and she is participating in a group song. The teachers have given me an oversized frock (probably fit or 10-12 year girl) and asked me to modify it by hand(so that it is not permanent) to fit her 🙄 stitch some diamond lace on it and also  make a necklace and bracelets out of the lace. I am in total despair over it 😦
  • We were back just in time to pick her up from school after her singing practice where the teacher informed me that I need to get white stockings and white belle shoes as well.
  • Back home, made a quick lunch of Khichdi, while husband bought tonnes of vegetables 🙄
  • Had lunch and managed to have a short nap.
  • Had nice adrak chai after waking up and washed those tonnes of vegetables.
  • A neighbour from my old building had invited me for haldi  kumkum. Went there with Cheebu who was super excited to see herold friends and so were they. Managed to get white stockings from an old neighbour 🙂
  • Back home, got ready to go out as it was the annual day celebrations of our building.  Went down, and saw the programmes on stage, all wonderful performances by the kids and some bythe adults too. Cheebu was sad as she was not performing. We missed the celebrations at our old building very much. Last year, Cheebu performed on stage with friends in a group dance and a fashion show. We had a good time preparing for it. Hubby and I had won first prize in Antakshari. It had been lot of fun. Sigh! Maybe by next year, we will start enjoying here too. Had a dinner of Veg Biryani with boondi raita, pav bhaji and gulab jamun. Went for a short walk.
  • Back home, I was panicking as I had not posted anything for today. Hubby busied himself in making strawberry shake while I got down to writing this blog post. Enjoying some yummy strawberry shake as I am typing this.
  • Even as I write this, I am thinking about altering Cheebu’s dress for her annual day and getting it ready and the white belle shoes that I have to find by tomorrow 😦
  • Good night folks! See you tomorrow 🙂

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