Incredible India

One of the advantages of participating in a blogathon is that you can you can take up tags/ posts that you read in other people’s blogs and always wanted to do it but never got around doing it 🙂 One such tag is this which I had read long back going through Swaram’s archives 🙂

I love travelling. I guess I have inherited this from my dad. If he were to do this tag, he would get a very good score as he has visited every state in India except probably a few of the North Eastern ones and Lakshwadeep. I don’t claim to be well traveled,  but yes, I have had the good fortune of seeing a few places in India. It would be a good idea to review it on the blog 🙂

The rules of the tag are:

1. The list contains all the states of India and their capitals are in brackets.

2. Make bold the states you have visited, and mention your favourite memories of that state.

3. Include only states that you have really experienced, and have felt the culture of the place.

1. Jammu & Kashmir (Srinagar)

This state tops my wishlist. Ladakh is my dream destination and I so want to experience the magic of the mountains in Kashmir. Visiting Vaishno devi temple in Jammu is also a long time wish of mine. Hopefully, someday I will get a chance to visit all these places.

2. Punjab (Chandigarh)

Chandigarh holds a special place in my heart as I got married there 🙂 My dad was posted in Chandigarh for a couple of years, though sadly it was after I moved to Mumbai. But I made several visits to Chandigarh during their stay there. I love the city. It is neat, clean and probably the most organised city in India. It has some of the best gardens that I have seen. I remember the several visits to Sukhna lake … boating there or for morning walks, the beautiful gardens all so well maintained and the beautiful temples of Saketari and Mansa devi. Also the visits to sector 17. I remember it as one place with the most well dressed people 🙂 Overall a lovely city. I look forward to taking Cheebu there someday to show her the Rock garden and all the beautiful places there.

3. Haryana (Chandigarh)

My husband is from Haryana, so I have visited the state several times. As a tourist, I have been to Kurukshetra with my parents. You can still see the places associated with Mahabharat here. The Geeta Sthali, the place where Bhishma Pitamah lay on a bed of arrows and the lake where Duryodhan hid to save himself from Bhima can be seen here.

I have also lived in Gurgaon briefly and seen around the place. I remember it as a place full of malls 🙂

4. Rajasthan (Jaipur)

I have been to Jodhpur, the blue city. Besides, sight seeing and staying at a heritage hotel, I loved the experience of shopping and eating here. I have never shopped so much at any other place 🙂 The handicrafts, the lovely Bandhani prints, the colours and add to it the reasonable prices truly made it a shopping heaven for me 🙂 And don’t even get me started on the food, the Rajasthani thali, the daal baati, the mava kachori, the sweets… everything was just yummy.


After having seen a teeny weeny bit of Rajasthan, I am now greedy for more. I would love to see more of this state.

5. Himachal Pradesh (Shimla)

I have visited Shimla and Chail (World’s highest cricket ground is located here), but would love to explore more of the state. One of the places that I really wish to visit here is Dharamshala. Popular tourist places like Kullu and Manali are also on my wishlist.

6. Uttaranchal (Dehradun)

Again a place close to my heart, specially as Dehradun is my birth place and my brother’s too. I spent the first 6 years of my life there. I wouldn’t have much memories from that time, so my dad took us back there when we were grown up to see the place that we were born in. I love Rishikesh and Haridwar, the Ganga Arti at Haridwar is one of the most spiritual experience I have had. Besides, I have been fortunate to visit Nainitaal, Mukteshwar, Uttarkashi, Harsil and Gangotri in this state. Harsil is one of the most beautiful places I have seen in my life. It is a small village in the valley on the way to Gangotri from Uttarkashi. I remember it as a place with a lovely stream flowing surrounded by lovely green grass, apple orchards and the snow capped Himalayas. It was paradise. Here is an old picture of me and my brother at Harsil.


7. Uttar Pradesh (Lucknow)

I spent 8 years of my life in Lucknow. So it is a special place. I have also visited and seen a lot of cities in the state… Agra, Mathura, Vrindavan, Jhansi, Allahabad, Varanasi, Kanpur…. Each city has a rich history and culture to be seen and experienced. I keep getting to see more places or revisiting the already seen places in Uttar Pradesh thanks to my parents who now stay there.

8. Bihar (Patna)

I don’t think, I would have got to visit this state if not for my father who was posted here for a couple of years. I got to see some very nice places during my  visits to my parents place. Patna has one of the best zoos that I have seen in the country. It has almost every animal that you can think of and Cheebu enjoyed every visit that we made to the zoo.


We also made trips to Nalanda, Rajgir, Gaya and Bodh Gaya. Amazing places all of them, which I am glad I could see and unbelievably maintained. This was a very special trip with the full family (Hubby, me, Cheebu, my parents, brother and SIL)  where we had lots of fun. We have some great memories from this trip.  I have also visited Vaishali. I would highle recommend these place to everyone.


9. Jharkhand (Ranchi)

Okay, I have been to my uncle’s place at Dhanbad as a baby 😛 but that doesn’t count as seeing the place. So, I still have to visit this state. I have heard Ranchi is a beautiful place. Need to research about other places in the state.

10. West Bengal (Kolkata)

I have been to Kolkata a few times and visited a few places, shopped for ‘taant sarees’ and also enjoyed eating the Sandesh 🙂 I have also been to Darjeeling. Read about it here.

11. Orissa  (Bhubaneswar)

Sadly, haven’t seen anything in this beautiful state. Visiting this state is high on my wishlist.

12. Sikkim (Gangtok)

I have visited Gangtok. Read about it here, here and here. Loved this state and would love to visit again to explore more of this state.

13. Arunachal Pradesh (Itanagar)

14. Assam (Dispur)

15. Tripura (Agartala)

16. Nagaland (Kohima)

17. Mizoram (Aizawl)

18. Manipur (Imphal)

19. Meghalaya (Shillong)

Sadly, not seen these states at all. Arunachal Pradesh is very high on my wishlist, ever since I had seen about it on a travel show more than a decade ago.

20. Madhya Pradesh (Bhopal)

MP is a special state again as I met my husband here for the first time. I have lived in Indore for a year. My dad was posted in Bhopal for some time and thanks to him, I have seen Bhopal and its surrounds that include Bhojpur, Bhimbetaka (amazing place) and Sanchi. from Indore, I have also visited Mandu and Ujjain. Long ago (in 1999, I think) we had also made a trip to Orchha in MP. I think MP is a very beautiful state with lots of diverse things to see. High on my wishlist here are Jabalpur, national parks of Kanha and Bandhavgarh and Khajuraho.


21. Chattisgarh (Raipur)

22. Gujarat (Gandhinagar)

I have only been to Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad. I would love to visit Rann of Kutch, Somnath, Dwarka and Gir forests.

23. Maharashtra (Mumbai)

Hmm…  Mumbai!! What should I say? It is the city I love, the city where I always wanted to be and the city where I live. I have lived more than half my life in Mumbai and I could do an entire post on the city.


Living in Mumbai, I have seen a lot of places around Mumbai. For regular readers of this blog, my love for the Konkan coast is no secret 🙂 We have also explored several places around here like Lonavala, Khandala, Matheran, Malshej and Bhandardara. I have also visited Nasik, Pune and Mahabaleshwar earlier. Next on my wishlist in Maharashtra are beaches of Tarkarli, Kaas Plateau, Shirdi and Aurangabad.


24. Goa (Panjim)

I have been to Goa with parents. I would love to go back there with Hubby and Cheebu sometime.

25. Andhra Pradesh (Hyderabad)

I have been to Hyderabad and seen around the city. Would love to explore more of this state.

26. Tamil Nadu (Chennai)

Been to Chennai, Mahabalipuram and Ooty only. Again, would love to explore more and specially see the beautiful temples that the state has to offer.

27. Karnataka (Bengaluru)

Been to Bangalore and Mysore only. Would love to see many more places in the state… the ruins of Hampi, the beaches of Udupi, Jog falls, Coorg and many more places.


28. Kerala (Thiruvananthapuram)

Haven’t been here at all 😦 Living on a house boat on the backwaters is an old dream. Hopefully, we will make a trip to the state soon.

29. Delhi

Have visited the capital city several times for work, interviews and also sightseeing and have seen most of the touristy places here. We also lived in Gurgaon briefly and luckily for us, the Mughal Gardens at Rashtrapati Bhavan were open to the public then and we got an opportunity to visit. I was awed by the magnificence of the Rashtrapati Bhawan. Everytime, I visit Delhi, I love the greenery, the wide roads, the metro… wish I could say the same about the people there 😦 (No offence meant to anyone) That said, the greenery, the magnificient buildings, the architecture and the food is truly a treat to the senses.

Let me add a few places that were not on the list, but I wish to visit. The Islands of Andaman and Nicobar and Lakswadeep are on my wishlist. I would also love to visit the Union territories of Daman and Diu and Pondicherry.


8 thoughts on “Incredible India

  1. LS.. my head is spinning seriously! You have been to so many cities 🙂 Loved loved reading this post 🙂

    Sadly for me, except for few places in Andhra, Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Kerala.. have not been anywhere at all. I should atleast make one trip to North, this year.

  2. 1. Wow, you have been to so many places! I should bookmark this post for future reference.
    2. You live in Mumbai? Me too!
    3 I have lived in Chandigarh for three years. What a lovely city! Sigh!
    4.I have also lived in Lucknow for five years. Another sigh!
    5. Patna is where I was brought up. I am glad you liked Patna zoo. It really is the best zoo I have seen anywhere.
    6.I have lived in Uttaranchal for three years–in Pithoragarh distt which is in the Kumaon hills and have fond memories of the place.
    Such a nostalgia-evoking post this is!

  3. Wow, LS, you have been to so many places, well-heeled traveller, I must say! I like Chandigarh a lot too, never stayed there, we used to stay in HP, and always visited for major shopping trips, and en route to taking a train to some place. Interesting to jot it down, should do my own.

  4. yes chandigarh is the best city.. it is MY CITY 🙂 and those are a lot of places that you have visitied .. I have been to a lot you have mentioned for sure

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