The story writer

Lately,  Cheebu has been writing stories. Here’s a sample exactly as she wrote. I haven’t corrected her grammatical or spelling mistakes. I think it is pretty good one for a 6 year old 🙂 but I may be biased. What do you think?




And I did it too!!

Yes, I successfully completed this blogathon along with a lovely bunch of bloggers!! Congrats to everyone else too who completed it successfully 🙂 and thanks to Maya and RM for this initiative 🙂

During the last year, I had not posted anything on my blog for 8 long months. There were times when I was extremely busy and at times when I did find some breathing space, I would be overwhelmed with too many things to write about. And hence I was unable to write anything. So the Blogathon was a perfect comeback for me… an opportunity to overcome this block.

In terms of being busy, I could not have chosen a more worse month… January was a very busy month workwise, we had just shifted homes, so weekends were also very busy, add to that in the begining of the month, I didn’t even have a reliable internet connection at home, Hubby had just returned after a long stay away from us and he was home only on the weekends, Cheebu had her annual day at school …  In short January was a very hectic month. So when I joined the blogathon, I really wasn’t sure if I would be able to do it. But I decided to give it a try anyway. And today I can say, I am very glad that I could do it 🙂 and I did it 🙂

A big thank you to my friends and readers for enduring my month long posts. Thank you for reading and commenting. I know, I haven’t been able to reply to the comments, but will do that soon. And I loved reading everybody’s posts for the blogathon too. Yes, I did read every blog post of bloggers that I subscribe to. Most of the time, I was reading on the tab at home and hence could not comment, but I was very up to date with everybody’s posts and I will miss reading them on such a regular basis. Please don’t take a long break all of you and come back and keep writing 🙂

So how was the experience for me? It was tough given my schedule, but I was never in short of topics to write. In fact, I have lots of posts with just the titles written in my drafts, but could not get down to writing them for lack of time. For me writing a post needs lot of time, I review it several times and then publish. That explains my frequency of just one or two posts per week in the past. I did write some posts spontaneously and I am thankful for that as they could capture my instant mood. So, I guess the blogathon has also given me fodder for my future posts and I will publish them eventually. I am also glad that I could publish a couple of posts that were lying in my drafts.

So everyone, a short goodbye for now. See you all soon 🙂

These are a few of my favourite movies

For the past couple of years,  hubby and me have been watching lots of movies… movies that we missed out seeing in the past… language being no barrier. We have watched movies in English, Persian, German… all with subtitles and really enjoyed some of them. We usually rely on the imdb ratings of the movies  and most of them have been good, though some of them disappointed us too. Let me list some of my favourite movies here. The list is not exhaustive and I will update on the blog any movie that I like as and when I see it or remember about it. So here are some of my favourite movies in no particular order.

October sky It is a beautiful movie, based on a true story about how not to give up on your dreams. It is one of those movies that leaves you with a very good feeling after watching. A must see.

Life is beautiful I loved this movie. It is based on how a father tries to protect his son in a concentration camp after being captured by the Nazis. I watched this movie with a heavy heart. Even though it is based on the troubled times when the Jews were captured and sent to concentration camps, no violence is shown in the movie. Thank God for that, otherwise I would not have not been able to watch this movie. One movie which I could not watch for this reason was Schindler’s List. We started watching it, but I could not continue. I didn’t have the heart to see it. I can’t even imagine the horrors those innocent people have suffered for no fault of theirs. Hubby watched it alone and later recounted to me that it was a very, very heart touching movie. Maybe someday I’ll have the courage to see it, but as of now, I can’t bring myself to see this movie. Strangely, this has never happened with me  for any other movie before.

The Shawshank Redemption This is one movie that has got one of the highest ratings ever and so we were curious to watch it. It did live upto  its reputation and to our expectations. It is a brilliant movie in terms of plot, characters portrayed by the leading actors and the direction. It shows how if you think positive, you can bring out the best in yourself in the worst of situations. A must watch movie.

Catch me if you can Hubby is a big fan of Tom Hanks 🙂 So we had to watch this movie 🙂 His character in the movie was great and it was a total fun movie to watch.

A beautiful mind Again, a very beautiful movie … a beautiful example of how it is your attitude towards the situation that matters and you can either make or break yourself with it.

Forrest Gump This movie has stayed back with us for long. Occasionally, you will find the Tom Hanks fan at our home (yes, that is the hubby 😀 ) speaking like and behaving like Forrest Gump 🙂 Again, a movie that leaves you with lots of positivity.

As good as it gets This is the most recent movie that we watched. This one is a must watch just for the great performances by the lead characters, Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt. I loved the humour in the movie.

The Lives of others This was a very different type of movie about how a spy gets involved in the personal lives of people he is spying. Let me not say anything more about the plot as I don’t want to reveal the plot. A movie that kept us engrossed throughout.

Groundhog day A lovely comedy, this one had me in splits throughout. Even thinking about it brings a smile on my face. One of the best comedies I have seen. I loved the concept, it was so unique. Definitely a must watch if you love comedy.

Hindi movies

Mr India I believe this is one of the best hindi movies ever made. It has everything.. good songs, dance, comedy, romance, emotions  and a great plot. To this date, I never tire of seeing this movie. And I love the parody song in this movie. I think both Anil Kapoor and Sridevi were great in this movie. And not to forget Annu Kapoor 😀 I loved his character in this movie.

Dilwaale Dulhania Le Jaayenge An all time favourite movie of mine, I think it is a total entertainer. I love every single thing about it. I must have watched it countless number of times and still don’t tire of it. Need I say more about it 🙂 To me, Raj and Simran are the perfect couple leading a happy life somewhere even today 🙂

So that is it for now. There are many more. Maybe I”ll have a few more lists like this on my blog.

So have you seen these movies? What did you think about them?

A senseless post

Just as I see the end of the Blogathon approaching, I find it getting tougher and tougher. Not that I am any short of topics to write. But I am definitely very very short of time. Workwise, things are very hectic, but I thought I’ll just scribble a little post before leaving, as there won’t be any time to post once I reach home today. Cheebu has her annual day tomorrow and her dress is not yet completely ready 😦  She also has exams starting this saturday, for which I need to help her study. Add to this, I have to do some technical reading at home too tonight.

So, apologies for this senseless post. Got to go now. Hopefully I will come up with a better post tomorrow.

My day in bullets

It has been a long and busy day today. These days, weekends are turning out to be busier than weekdays. I can’t think of anything to write, so I will just write about my day in bullets.

  • Woke up early as Cheebu had school. Went for a nice long morning walk with hubby after dropping her off to school.
  • Back home, had breakfast and got ready to go to market. Bought a few things for the home and looked up some furniture. Bought some diamond (imitation) studded laces. Cheebu’s school has annual function next week and she is participating in a group song. The teachers have given me an oversized frock (probably fit or 10-12 year girl) and asked me to modify it by hand(so that it is not permanent) to fit her 🙄 stitch some diamond lace on it and also  make a necklace and bracelets out of the lace. I am in total despair over it 😦
  • We were back just in time to pick her up from school after her singing practice where the teacher informed me that I need to get white stockings and white belle shoes as well.
  • Back home, made a quick lunch of Khichdi, while husband bought tonnes of vegetables 🙄
  • Had lunch and managed to have a short nap.
  • Had nice adrak chai after waking up and washed those tonnes of vegetables.
  • A neighbour from my old building had invited me for haldi  kumkum. Went there with Cheebu who was super excited to see herold friends and so were they. Managed to get white stockings from an old neighbour 🙂
  • Back home, got ready to go out as it was the annual day celebrations of our building.  Went down, and saw the programmes on stage, all wonderful performances by the kids and some bythe adults too. Cheebu was sad as she was not performing. We missed the celebrations at our old building very much. Last year, Cheebu performed on stage with friends in a group dance and a fashion show. We had a good time preparing for it. Hubby and I had won first prize in Antakshari. It had been lot of fun. Sigh! Maybe by next year, we will start enjoying here too. Had a dinner of Veg Biryani with boondi raita, pav bhaji and gulab jamun. Went for a short walk.
  • Back home, I was panicking as I had not posted anything for today. Hubby busied himself in making strawberry shake while I got down to writing this blog post. Enjoying some yummy strawberry shake as I am typing this.
  • Even as I write this, I am thinking about altering Cheebu’s dress for her annual day and getting it ready and the white belle shoes that I have to find by tomorrow 😦
  • Good night folks! See you tomorrow 🙂

On being reasonable

Cheebu just can’t bear me being angry with her. In her immediate rage on being scolded at, she may shout at me or run away from me, but within moments of that she will come back running to me with hugs and kisses and saying “Mumma, pyaar karo”. Here is an incident that happened a couple of days back.

I went to pick Cheebu from the daycare in the evening. We were coming out happily, when one of her friends  asked her to come to her home with her. Now, this friend stays in our older building, her mom and me are very good friends and Cheebu would often go to their home when we stayed in the same building. Cheebu immediately wanted to go with her. I tried to reason with her and told her that it was already late and now that we no longer stay in the same building and since papa is also not around, it would be difficult for me to get her back. I also told her that she could go on a weekend. But Cheebu refused to listen to any reason and threw a tantrum saying that she wanted to go. Now I had had a long day at work too that day and lost my cool. I told her that she can go wherever she wants and walked away. She came running, crying after me, got into the car and we drove back home. At home, I scolded her and told her that she knew that it was not possible for her to go on a weekday and still she created a scene. I was very angry and refused to talk to her. She went away to sulk in her room, but as is her nature, soon came back to me saying sorry and that she  would never do it again and so on. But I was so angry, that I still refused to talk to her. On normal days, after freshening up I help her with her studies. I write the questions for her and she writes the answers. She asked me, if we could start with the studies. In my anger, I told her that there was going to be no studies that day. She went back to her room and I continued to sulk 🙂 She came back to me after sometime with her books. She had painstakingly written all the questions in pen (just like I do it) and then answered them all and brought it to me for getting it checked 🙂 I was amazed and truly impressed. There are days when I have trouble to make her sit and study and here she was with both the questions and answers written just to make me happy. I couldn’t remain angry for long now. I hugged her and kissed her and explained to her why she could not have gone to her friend’s house on a weekday. But I needn’t have, for she was already convinced.

This is just one incident, but I have noticed that if I justify my reasons for saying no to her for anything, she does try to understand. She may throw a tantrum initially, but in the end she does see reason. Another time, we were at Landmark, looking for books. Now, she knows most of the books that I own by their covers and sometimes even the books that I am interested in buying. I told her, I was looking for Sita by Devdutt Pattnaik. Both of us began looking for it and eventually we did find it. But, when I looked at the price, I told her that I won’t buy it as it was very expensive and available at a much cheaper price on Flipkart. Then we went looking for books for her. She liked one Barbie book which she had seen at a friend’s house and wanted it. Now, I don’t like these barbie books at all and besides it was VERY expensive. I showed her the price and also told her that I didn’t really like this book. Much to my surprise, she agreed not to buy it, though she spent the rest of her time there, going through that book. Later at home we had a discussion. She asked me why her friend’s mother had got the book for her even though it was expensive and we could not get it for her. I explained to her that not everybody has the same kind of money and that we should spend our money wisely on reasonable things that we feel are worth. We can’t buy everything even though we may like it. I told her that for the same reason, I did not buy Sita, even though I wanted it badly. She agreed with me 🙂 Probably, on this occasion my actions spoke louder than words  but I was happy that she understood my point 🙂