From my window

The best thing that I like about the house that we have moved into is that we are very close to nature here. I captured these flowers in bloom just outside my window when we moved in here.

DSC06189Pretty!! Aren’t they? 🙂



On being reasonable

Cheebu just can’t bear me being angry with her. In her immediate rage on being scolded at, she may shout at me or run away from me, but within moments of that she will come back running to me with hugs and kisses and saying “Mumma, pyaar karo”. Here is an incident that happened a couple of days back.

I went to pick Cheebu from the daycare in the evening. We were coming out happily, when one of her friends  asked her to come to her home with her. Now, this friend stays in our older building, her mom and me are very good friends and Cheebu would often go to their home when we stayed in the same building. Cheebu immediately wanted to go with her. I tried to reason with her and told her that it was already late and now that we no longer stay in the same building and since papa is also not around, it would be difficult for me to get her back. I also told her that she could go on a weekend. But Cheebu refused to listen to any reason and threw a tantrum saying that she wanted to go. Now I had had a long day at work too that day and lost my cool. I told her that she can go wherever she wants and walked away. She came running, crying after me, got into the car and we drove back home. At home, I scolded her and told her that she knew that it was not possible for her to go on a weekday and still she created a scene. I was very angry and refused to talk to her. She went away to sulk in her room, but as is her nature, soon came back to me saying sorry and that she  would never do it again and so on. But I was so angry, that I still refused to talk to her. On normal days, after freshening up I help her with her studies. I write the questions for her and she writes the answers. She asked me, if we could start with the studies. In my anger, I told her that there was going to be no studies that day. She went back to her room and I continued to sulk 🙂 She came back to me after sometime with her books. She had painstakingly written all the questions in pen (just like I do it) and then answered them all and brought it to me for getting it checked 🙂 I was amazed and truly impressed. There are days when I have trouble to make her sit and study and here she was with both the questions and answers written just to make me happy. I couldn’t remain angry for long now. I hugged her and kissed her and explained to her why she could not have gone to her friend’s house on a weekday. But I needn’t have, for she was already convinced.

This is just one incident, but I have noticed that if I justify my reasons for saying no to her for anything, she does try to understand. She may throw a tantrum initially, but in the end she does see reason. Another time, we were at Landmark, looking for books. Now, she knows most of the books that I own by their covers and sometimes even the books that I am interested in buying. I told her, I was looking for Sita by Devdutt Pattnaik. Both of us began looking for it and eventually we did find it. But, when I looked at the price, I told her that I won’t buy it as it was very expensive and available at a much cheaper price on Flipkart. Then we went looking for books for her. She liked one Barbie book which she had seen at a friend’s house and wanted it. Now, I don’t like these barbie books at all and besides it was VERY expensive. I showed her the price and also told her that I didn’t really like this book. Much to my surprise, she agreed not to buy it, though she spent the rest of her time there, going through that book. Later at home we had a discussion. She asked me why her friend’s mother had got the book for her even though it was expensive and we could not get it for her. I explained to her that not everybody has the same kind of money and that we should spend our money wisely on reasonable things that we feel are worth. We can’t buy everything even though we may like it. I told her that for the same reason, I did not buy Sita, even though I wanted it badly. She agreed with me 🙂 Probably, on this occasion my actions spoke louder than words  but I was happy that she understood my point 🙂

Onion Tomato Chutney

A very simple chutney with very few ingredients, this is a regular at our home. It does wonders to that daily, routine, boring meal by adding that extra zing to it 🙂 This one is the husband’s speciality… he makes this 99% of the times   🙂 DSC00915
4 medium sized tomatoes,
2 medium sized onions,
2 green chillies (or according to your taste),
salt (you can use black rock salt for better taste)
Grind the tomatoes to fine paste in a mixer. Separately grind the onions coarsely along with the green chillies in the mixer. Mix with tomato paste. Add rock salt according to taste. The chutney is ready. It tastes best when fresh. Remember the onions must be coarsely ground for the right taste.

My cake story

Recently Techie2mom had shared her cooking story. Let me share with you my cake story 🙂 For Cheebu’s fifth  birthday party, I had baked a princess cake. Now,  a couple of years back if someone had even suggested such a thing, I would have said “What?? Me? Baking a cake for a B’day party? A princess cake??!!?? it is just not possible.” I would have just gone ahead and ordered the cake. After all, there are such lovely cakes available in the market these days in every flavour and design….

During my younger days  when I lived with my parents I used to bake cake in the cooker. A very simple cake and decorations would be limited to decorating with dry fruits or gems. But we all loved the cake.

Later after marriage and after Cheebu came into my life, I did try making this cake at home but neither hubby nor Cheebu were cake fans and didn’t appreciate it much. So after the discouraging response I got for them, I didn’t have much motivation to make it at home and baking a cake was limited to the times I went home to my parents.

And then blogging happened in my life 🙂 I came across the cooker cake by My Era. That brought back memories of the cake I used to bake in the cooker when I lived with my parents. I was tempted to bake again. And now I had an oven as well…. and so I started baking again. The initial couple of cakes didn’t turn out too well, but as I got the hang of using the oven, there was no stopping me. I remember there was a time then, when I was baking almost every weekend. Not good for our waists I know 🙂 but soon hubby and Cheebu started liking my cakes. This gave me the much needed confidence and I dared to think about baking a princess cake for Cheebu’s Birthday at home. I am very proud of the fact that I made it. For me it was a big achievement. I am sharing some pictures of the cake as it was made.

 Another thing that I wish to successfully try to do is to bake bread at home. I have tried doing it a couple of times, but failed 😦 Somehow, discouraged by these unsuccessful attempts, I didn’t try again. But baking a bread is in my bucket list for this year. Let me see how it turns out. Fingers crossed.

Wish me luck 🙂

I wish….

For a small break from my routine life. A couple of months break would be fine.

During this time, I wish to live in a little seaside town by the river in a little cosy house surrounded by books.

The husband can go to work. His work place is near the house, so that he comes home for lunch and does not waste time in commuting.

Cheebu stays at home with me and we spend our time cooking, reading, crafting and going for walks by the riverside.

When the husband comes home in the evening, we go for a walk by the riverside or shopping for groceries after a hot cup of tea.

Weekends are spent planning trips and exploring the place.

I wish, I wish, I wish!

Is that  too much to wish for?

Thank You Card

Sometime back, I had shared my efforts at card making on this blog. Sadly, I haven’t been able to make too many cards after that. I made just one last year, a thank you card for Cheebu’s pre-primary teacher, as Cheebu was moving into first standard after spending 2 years in her class. Cheebu is blessed to have her as one of her first teachers. I would dedicate Cheebu’s love for school to her for all the love, fun and encouragement that Cheebu got in her class. Cheebu still misses her.

Here is the card I made for her.



Visiting Sitamarhi

During my trip to Allahabad last year, we visited the Sita Samahit Sthal or Sitamarhi, the place where Goddess Sita went underground on meeting Rama again after her stay with sage Valmiki. The place is situated almost midway between Allahabad and Varanasi. According to mythology, abondoned by Rama, Sita went to stay with Rishi Valmiki in his ashram on the banks of river Ganga where she gave birth to her two sons Luv and Kush. Later when Rama planned for the Ashwamedha yagya, Luv and Kush got hold of Rama’s horses and challenged him, not knowing that He was their father. Valmiki intervened and  told Rama about his sons and that Sita was in his Ashram and asked Him to take his wife and sons back home. Rama told Valmiki that he was willing to take Sita back if  she could prove her purity. Angered by this Sita, known as the daughter of Mother Earth, asked her mother to take her into her lap. Hearing Sita’s pleas, the earth opened up and Sita descended into it. Today, at the same place stands a beautiful temple.


It is a beautiful temple, located in calm and pristine surroundings. Unlike many temples in north India, it is clean and well maintained. The main door has beautiful intricate carvings depicting various episodes from Ramayana.

DSC05884The temple has two levels. On the upper level is a beautiful statue of Goddess Sita, while the background has various scenes from Ramayana, made in glass work.


There is lovely artwork in glass on the ceiling as well.

DSC05887The walls of the temple are beautifully adorned with tales from the Ramayana.


On the lower level of the temple, there is a marble statue of Mother Sita, ready to descend into the earth.


There is something very divine about this statue that touches you deep within.  I found myself wondering, what were Her feelings at this moment. Was She sad that Her Husband didn’t trust her, was She sad at the thought of leaving behind Her sons or was She happy going back to Her mother, Earth. A mortal like me could not say.

DSC05901The temple is built over a large complex that has a beautiful garden, a small lake and even a restaurant.

DSC05870DSC05905DSC05850There is a very tall statue of Hanuman ji standing in prayer pose with His hands joined, in the temple complex. There is a very sad look on His face, probably appealing to Mother Sita to stop.

DSC05910It was a very beautiful and spiritually enriching experience, visiting this temple and if you are in this area, I would strongly suggest you to visit this temple.