Happiness is …

Arranging your books in a built in book shelf at your new home and realizing that you still have space for more books 🙂



From my window

The best thing that I like about the house that we have moved into is that we are very close to nature here. I captured these flowers in bloom just outside my window when we moved in here.

DSC06189Pretty!! Aren’t they? 🙂


Our feathered friends

During a recent visit to my parents place, Cheebu and I did some bird watching and clicked them. Every morning we would be on the terrace armed with the camera looking out for birds much to the amusement of the neighbours who thought there were no birds in Mumbai 🙂 The birds didn’t disappoint us… we managed to click quite a few during our stay there 🙂







bird2 bird3

bird10 bird9PS: The title is inspired by TGND’s this post

From our morning walk

Nature is at its best these days with flowers blooming everywhere. Cheebu’s school has a couple of weeks of vacation before school starts again. We are making the most of it by going for early morning walks everyday. Mornings are cool and pleasant in contrast to the hot days and these walks in the company of nature leaves us refreshed and happy. Some images from our walks


Cheebu is busy blowing bubbles 🙂

while I try to capture these beauties…DSC05385Such a pretty carpet of red, yellow and white flowers.

DSC05388While I am busy clicking…

Cheebu is busy again … 🙂


There goes  a bubble..


Nice one 🙂

The cannonball tree in full bloomDSC05395

It has such beautiful flowers

Some yellow beauties…DSC05400

The Harsingar flower


They bloom in the night making the air around fragrant and fall down on the ground in the morning. Cheebu picks them up and brings them home.DSC05420

She is still busy at it 🙂


In a few days these Jamuns will ripen and turn yummy

DSC05408The amaltaas or golden showers are begining to appearDSC05423

Pretty! Aren’t they?


These trees with yellow flowers are already in full bloomDSC05417

There are some leafless beauties tooDSC05288

We also saw a beehive


And this is the silk cotton tree


In a few weeks these pods will break and silk cotton will come out. Cheebu and I are planning to collect this and use it to make pillows for her dolls.DSC05297

And how can we miss out on some common birds.DSC05419DSC05435We enjoy our morning walk so much. More flowers, the pink and purple ones on trees will bloom in a few days. With so much beauty around, does one need any more reason for a morning walk? 🙂