Happiness is …

Arranging your books in a built in book shelf at your new home and realizing that you still have space for more books 🙂



At home

I am at home since yesterday nursing myself back to health. I had this cold for past 2 weeks that I was ignoring and at the most trying to subdue with home remedies. Finally, it turned so bad this weekend that I was forced to take a few days off from work. I spent most of yesterday in bed, sleeping and am feeling much better today 🙂 I debated whether to leave Cheebu at daycare or bring her back home from school (It would have been nice to enjoy some “me” time 🙂 ). Finally, decide to bring her back home. I had not told her about my leave, so she was pleasantly surprised to see me waiting for her at the end of school. We came back from school walking, stopping several times when she wanted to show me the earthworm, snail and butterfly that she had spotted 🙂 … something which we get to do so rarely. I am so enjoying this feeling of doing things at my own pace and not having to rush with things. Bliss! I am so thankful for this unexpected but much needed break from the daily grind of work-home routine. Now going off for an afternoon nap with Cheebu 🙂 Small joys 🙂

Walking in the Rain

Every evening after work, I usually walk down from my place of work to the gate. It is about 15 minutes walk. Some days back, as I came out of the building, it started raining very heavily. Now if you have ever experienced Mumbai rains, you will know what heavily means… an umbrella is only a psychological comfort, it does not save you from the rain. On days such as these, I usually take the office bus, but that day I decided to walk back in the rains… with the umbrella of course 🙂 … and I am so glad that I did, for walking in the rain brought back so many lovely memories. I have lived so long in Mumbai that I have a LOVE-hate relationship with the rains here … more love than hate… and most of the hate has been in the past few years because I now have a young child that keeps falling sick in the rains 😦

As a child I remember going to school wading in knee deep waters. As kids it was so much fun… we didn’t care if the water was dirty… it was always so much fun holding hands and splashing through the rain water in our raincoats. I also remember the joy of waiting in the bus stop for our school bus which would not turn up on some days because of the very heavy rains. Such sudden rainy day holidays were always welcome 🙂

During the years that I was not in Mumbai, I always missed the Mumbai rains.  And some years later when I came back to Mumbai, I found that the rains here had still not lost their charm on me even though I was not a child any more 🙂 I still remember walking back home in the rains, going out with my friend forgetting our umbrellas only for the sake of getting wet 🙂 , coming back home to enjoy a big cup of hot adrak chai 🙂 it was so much fun 🙂

Then after marriage, I remember walking in the rain with hubby under a single umbrella with his one arm around me and the other trying to balance the umbrella in the stormy weather 🙂

Now, of course when it rains, the person that is most excited is Cheebu 🙂 and my excitement has been subdued by fears of her ear and throat infections, viral fevers and so on… but nevertheless I love to  see her enjoying in the rains. And on that particular day when I went back walking in the rains, I found Cheebu and hubby waiting for me at the gate. It was drizzling lightly by the time I reached. Cheebu had her head out of the car trying to catch the raindrops and she was singing this

Pitter patter pitter patter 

little drops of rain

Pitter patter pitter patter 

On my window pane

Welcome welcome little rain drops

water on the road and on the tree tops

Brought a big smile on my face 🙂

And here is some of my favorite music for the rains…

This is an instrumental by HariPrasad Chaurasia and Shiv Kumar Sharma from the album Water. I find it very soothing and romantic. Simply love it 🙂

And this song for me is synonymous with Mumbai rains. During the years when I was not in Mumbai, just watching this song made me yearn for Mumbai 🙂

So what is your favorite rain song?